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Friend's terrible allergies


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It's exam week at my university and my friend, M, and I have several classes together so the past few days have been spent studying in my room or outside, depending on the weather, pretty much non stop. Spring has sprung super late at my school so there hasn't been a lot of pollen in the air recently, a blessing for me since I get horribly congested whenever pollen count is high. Recently, however, we've had a bunch of really warm days one after the other with a ton of pollen and to top it off, M is on the tail end of a nasty head cold, not much sneezing to my dismay. All this has added up to the perfect storm of sneeziness that culminated yesterday throughout the course of a 14 day of non stop studying. I first noticed in when we were laying on a blanket outside reading over chem notes and she turned to the side and let out two drawn out stifled sneezes, heeeeh-chnnng. This was quickly followed by an incredibly snotty nose blow. This continued throughout the day with most of her sneezes coming in bouts of two or three and usually finishing off with another snotty nose blow. It started to become a running joke between us just because of the sheer number of times she sneezed, I never counted but a conservative estimate would be about 40-50, and numerous times I would be studying and she would tap me on the shoulder to get my attention only for me to turn and be greeted by an amazing pre-sneeze face and another small bout of stifles. By far the best part came later in the day when we were taking a break watching tv in my bed with her head on my shoulder and she turned into me to stifle two sneezes into my chest. I got breakfast with her today and the sneezing has by no means gone down and we have plans to go on a camping trip with some of our other friends this weekend so I look forward to several more days of intense and frequent sneezing. I'll definitely keep you all updated of how it unfolds

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Sounds amazing! Very jealous of you right now ;) ... can’t wait for an update! 

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