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Christmas Woes (WARNING: Slightly descriptive)


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Also there is some quoted profanity because this person is rather blunt...

Description: Mid 40’s, Long black hair, green eyes, tall (5’9 or so), medium build. You could assume she is in her 30's and I would not blame you, she does not look her age.

This happened awhile ago, but I remembered it again recently,

My friend was telling me about her Christmas Vacation in South America and this bit about how she had a terrible sinus infection came up:

“I could barely hear at all, I was so congested! And the shit that was coming out of my face...it was the greenest shit I have ever seen! It was awful!”.

She was still sniffling and sneezing when I saw her, but long past the point of being contagious. They were very loud with a high pitched ‘chew’ at the end and she covered them with the inside of her shirt. Because she covered with her shirt, she didn’t grab a tissue and blow her nose or anything like that, but according to her, when she did, ‘green shit’ was still coming out.

Honestly, this was more funny to me, than 'exciting'. Hearing such a dramatic description from a presumably ‘Normal’ person was hilarious. Almost like that one senior-citizen family member discussing their latest illness, but much less uncomfortable because she's a, not family and b, much younger and c, legitimately funny.

She has bad allergies in the Summer and she visits often, so if I can sum up the bravery (I'm still a bit nervous about this whole OBS'ing people I know thing) I will try and post if anything more visually 'exciting' happens. ^_^

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