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StarSpill University (An Ongoing Roleplay with @JoliLoli , and Two Other Friends)


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Alright guys! This is part one of SSU roleplay with some of my friends on discord:

@JolliLolli [Plays Jolly]

Dragonrider711 ('JustAnotherFetish' on Devianart) [Plays Murray, Mac, and TSD]

And another friend who plays Rose.

I play as Violet, Quo, Kita, and a few more characters to come! hope you all enjoy part 1!


StarSpill University


By Kita (QOS)



Quo: A college student with sharp, green eyes, mocha brown skin, and curly black hair. He wears square glasses, which rest on his medium, angled-yet rounded nose. Very tall, around 5’9”

Kita: Another college student with crystal blue eyes, long black dreadlocks, and creamy chocolatey skin. She has freckles over her slightly-larger nose. Somewhat tall, around 5’5”

Rose: Quo’s roommate and crush, rich, pale skin with beautiful, long blonde hair, braided design over her ears and down her back. Stormy blue eyes, and an angled, relatively small nose. The shortest of the known trio, around 5’3”

Jolly: A collage student with pitch-black skin normally, golden yellow eyes, and no hair whatsoever. In her human-like form, she has dark-brown skin, brown-black eyes, and long, brown dreadlocks. Height is 4’7”

Violet: A collage student who is half-Asian, half-white, brown-black wavy hair, purple eyes, and freckles. She hates to wear glasses, but doesn’t have the best eyesight. Height is 5’4”

Murray: A collage student who is a shifting merman, blue scales, mocha-brown shin, curly chocolatey-brown hair, and deep blue eyes.

Mac: An anthro-bipedal feline, non-student, who resembles that of a Siberian Lynx, with the sabertooth fangs of a Smileodon. Around 4’6” in height, with brown and black fur.

‘The Sin Dealer’ (Or TSD): The older half-sister of Mac, a tall, lanky anthro feline with long ears, and a mouth on her tail. Known as Jolly’s ‘boss’.

Main characters so far are colored. Future characters may be introduced soon.


Short Prologue:

Humans and Magical Humanoids in the mythical times lived amongst each other in peace. But as the modern times approached, the government grew fearful and hungry for the power of those who held magic. The president of the time passed an act that relocated all beings of magic to an area far from most civilization, near the western coast. There humans and magical humanoids bonded there, growing friendly in the area, and all sharing one of many large collages, called SSU, or StarSpill University.





•POV - Kita•


Kita tucked her hands into her pockets, waiting outside in the crisp afternoon air. It was warm, the dorm area of the University reached out as a large courtyard with several fountains, and winding pathways. It was usually flooded with people of all kinds, conversing and laughing, or eating and dancing. On the other hand, once the sun began to tint the sky orange and scarlet, nearly everyone was suddenly gone, in the dorms, at a bar or a party, taking a night class, or even simply sleeping. Kita found it as the best time of the day, a time where she could truly get some quiet in her favorite area. 

The sun beamed, causing the very sky to blush behind it. As Kita turned to watch the view, a ray of it’s golden light pricked her eye.

Kita squinted her eyes irritably, dark brown nose crinkling against a sudden photosensitive reaction. She gritted her teeth to keep her jaw from hanging, but inevitably felt a sneeze wandering in her sinuses.


•POV - Jolly•


In her human-like form, Jolly slowly combed through her dark, nut-brown dreadlocks. She was also outside in the dorm courtyard, long eyelashes reflecting the orange light and causing the hazel in her irises to shine. She wandered aimlessly around the dorm area, mind fuzzed in a numb boredom as she pondered what to do. Despite her body urging her to take a much-needed smoke break, she  continued on, thinking about her favorite songs as they slid into her head.

It was then that she eyed a girl, not too far from where she stood. The girl had her eyes closed, chin raised slightly as her eyebrows scrunched. Jolly noticed this as a classic pre-sneeze expression, one that was being fought. Her interest suddenly peeked, curiosity boiling in her stomach. It was something about sneezing in general that strongly appealed to her, so this was no outlier. Her shyness, unfortunately, overruled this curiosity to go closer to investigate, so she simply pulled her hoodie over her head, continuing to walk at a slower pace. Her energy was just not high enough to be pulling off any shenanigans. She kept an eye on the girl, but controlling her already-wavering human form was of first priority. Nonetheless, she couldn’t help but pause as she heard the girl pull in a shaky breath.


•POV - Kita•


“Ugh…h-hhhuh…” Kita sniffled, eyelids suddenly slamming shut as she dragged in a gasp. She quickly clapped both of her hands over her twitching nose, before shooting forward. “huh— HURRESHHHH’EWW!

Of course, with Kita’s typical way of sneezing, one sneeze is always followed by one more. Kita barely had time to lift her head and get a breather before another sharp gasp caused the tickle in her nose to blossom, gearing up for a second sneeze. She squeezed her eyes shut, pitching forward again.


Her nose twitched in protest, clearly not finished; as she inhaled, she pressed her thumb and pointer finger over her nose, clasping her nostrils shut in a stifle.


Once done for sure, Kita lifted her head, blinking the ticklish tears out of her eyes. She sniffled wetly, rubbing her rounded nose with her finger as she pulled out her phone.

“I swear to god…where is he?” Kita pouted, rereading her texts she sent. Her best friend was supposed to already be here, waiting for her. Not the other way around. She shielded her eyes from the sun, moving her dreadlocks from her face. Her head slowly raised to the large dorm building doors opening, and a collage student walking out. There was her friend, tall and cute as ever, fixing his square glasses in front of his emerald green eyes, and curly hair bouncing shyly with every step. She couldn’t help but smile, standing.


•POV - Quo•


Quo took a deep breath in before braving the outdoors; with his ultra-sensitive nose, he wasn’t a fan of going outside at all—he was allergic to a lot of things, dust, pollen, strong smells, cats, dogs, as well as a few other things here and there.

He pushed the door open, backpack slung over one shoulder, and immediately, a sneezy sensation took root in the back of his nose, causing a gentle sniffle. His green eyes searched around, resting upon his friend, Kita, as she stood. She jogged over to him, long dreadlocks swaying in a thick ponytail, with the exception of a few thinner ones that glided around her face. Kita immediately folded her arms, and Quo knew he was in a bit of trouble.

“Where the hell were you?” Kita scoffed, looking pouty and frustrated. Quo chuckled, scratching through his curly hair as he looked down at his friend.

“Reading,” his crisp voice responded in a playful manner, showing off an award-winning grin, “Why?”

“What happened to basketball on the court??” She haunched her shoulders, slightly angered with him. Quo lifted his hands as if being accused.

“I was getting ready!” He protested, “Unlike you, I have to go out of my way to take my allergy medicine.”

“And Read, apparently.”

And Read. Sorry.”


•POV - Jolly•


Jolly, meanwhile, had grown all too interested in the boy who had come out of the dorms. Oh hello there, what do we have here? She thought, eyeing the tall, rather handsome boy. To her, this guy was honestly good-looking; she definitely wouldn’t mind getting to know him more. She grew so interested, in fact, that she completely disregarded her other thought, letting her body slowly vanish into thin air—a trick she taught herself.

As she eavesdropped on the conversation, a particular word made her curiosity suddenly skyrocket. ‘Allergy Medicine…?’ The short humanoid grew mischievous and daring, she found herself searching the feild while listening in.

The girl took the basketball out of her own backpack, dribbling it around the tall boy with eagerness. He laughed in response.

“Ey.” He said, “calm. We’ll get there…” he trailed off slightly, Jolly noticed his face scrunch slightly with confusion. The girl stopped dribbling, looking back up. She arched her eyebrows, clearly unamused.

“Hello…Earth to Quo?” She teased, partly confused.

‘Quo.’ Jolly thought with a smile. 'That’s a nice name, too…totally my type.’

Sehhh…” Quo’s breath wavered with a hitch, snagging invisible Jolly’s attention in an instant. “S-sorry…daffodils, definitely.” He said with a nod, scrubbing his nose slightly with a finger. The girl burst out into short cackles.

“Leave it to the nerd to know what pollen from what plant is irritating him.”

“W-whatever, K-K-Kita!” Quo stammered to the girl, nose beginning to twitch as it altered his composure. He was halfway onto a sneeze, for sure. Jolly put a hand on her chin, glancing around. Her eyes lit up as she just happened to find a patch of the yellow, trumpet-looking flowers. She made her way over, amping the pace as Kita mentioned the fact that the two needed to head to the basketball court. Reaching out, Jolly saw as the flowers grow invisible to her touch. She smiled as she plucked them, holding them close to her chest as she followed in secret. Her nose tickled slightly from the strong-smelling flowers, luckily not enough to get a reaction from her. She smiled; if she played the right, this afternoon could go way better than simply eating reheated pizza, and going to sleep for the night.


•POV - Kita•


As the two walked, she noticed her friend was sniffling a lot more since they got moving. She casted an eye his way, seeing him tearing up, rubbing his slowly flustered nose.

sdf…duh…sdf-snf! My god…” Quo groaned, blinking hard as he tried to keep up. Kita smirked, turning back around to walk forward.

“Allegra never works~” she teased in a sing-song voice, flipping her hair. Quo scoffed.

“I doe dat!” He protested, voice growing thick with stuffy congestion. Deep inside, Kita actually felt bad for Quo’s suffering, and he knew that. Despite being cold, she was kind at heart. They continued on the winding pavement as the sky deepened it’s scarlet-red colors, the trees swaying in the gentle winds as the feild expanded before them. The educational buildings rested in the distance, the athletics sections to her right, and the preforming arts sections to her left.

Eventually, Kita had to stop herself, turning around at Quo’s unstable breath. Half of her was guilty and sympathetic, the other half holding back a laugh.


•POV - Quo•


Quo’s nostrils flared, growing pink at the rims. He huffed gingerly, constantly rubbing at his nose to try and ease the tickle. It was nothing compared to what Rose could do to help, he couldn’t help but long for his roommate at the moment. He had been dreading this moment to arrive ever since he stepped outside. He had to stop walking, bringing a hand up to his face.

h-hh…hehhh…” His breath quivered, eyebrows knitting as allergic tears ran down his cheeks. His free hand patted his pockets, in a desperate search for his silk handkerchief. He briefly remembered throwing it in the wash, but his mind fumbled over the fact that he didn’t take it out. Embarrassment flooded his face as he pulled in a gasp, nose crumpling adorably before he pitched forward. 

Huhhh-huh! Hep’tshoo!” He sneezed into his arm, blushing behind it. The sound of the sneeze began as a mere hiccup noise, which was followed by the miniature spray and even more minuscule ending ‘oo,’ which sounded an octave higher than the sneeze itself. For a guy, it was shameful. Kita not only found it adorable, but equally hilarious at times.

“Bless you,” she said, smirking, “The kitten’s back for round two?” Quo blushed hard at her statement, rubbing his nose.

“Gee, some friend you are.”

“I’m sorry Quo…but I’m not one to lie.”


•POV - Jolly•


Jolly felt a surge of erotic pleasure shoot through her at the cute sound. She could only grip the stems harder, taking a few steps forward to tickle his quivering nose more. She would’ve never had the courage to be this close if it wasn’t for her invisibility, which in itself was a strain to keep up. She looked up with glittering eyes as Quo hitched again, before pitching forward.

Yeep’tshhhiiee! Eep’tssschoo! B-bake id sdop……m-mhh-hhh!

Jolly totted on her heels, squeezing her eyes shut as her mind raced with thoughts of all she could do with him. She was thinking so hard on it, in fact, that she barely took note of how weak her invisibility energy had grown. It wavered in and out by the slightest. Her eyes flew open, quickly catching hold of her invisible form.

She looked out to watch as Kita stepped onto the outdoor court, dribbling the basketball and practicing a few shots. She was more focused on Quo, on the other hand, watching the fact that as he got ready, his nose prepared for something completely different. He took his glasses off his face to rub his eyes, before glancing around the feild. By the telling of how he squinted, his eyesight wasn’t the best. She let her jaw hang agape as he suddenly released openly, completely out of nowhere, into a fit.

Eeep’tch! Heep’tch! Iieet’tch! Yeep’tshh! Hieeeshoo! Aeeshoo! Eeeissshoo! Ight’xchoo!


•POV - Quo•


Quo sniffled, nose stinging with a burning tickle as he placed his hands on his knees, catching his breath. His nose was a bright red, and he swore under his breath. “Damb…”

He moaned lightly, looking up to Kita turning around. “First off, bless you.”

“Thags.” He snuffled, coughing a few times.

“Secondly, I just have to remark on how much of a tiny sneeze you can only manage!”

Quo rolled his eyes as he got onto the court, feeling a bit better once the game got rolling. He wasn’t necessarily bad at basketball, he just didn’t really enjoy it. He would usually spend the afternoon playing sweet, slow songs on his cello, or adding onto a novel that he had been writing for months. He was athletic, for sure, but with 1-on-1 with Kita, it was less of a gamble and more of ‘whelp, there goes the ball out of his hands again.’

He soon had the ball in his possession, dribbling it around and using his height to his advantage. He was about to go for the shoot, when soon another fit crawled up the back of his nose. He froze in place, struggling to keep his eyes from half-lidding. It was hopeless; he could barely register the fact that Kita had swiped the ball from his hands. The poor guy looked miserable, eyes watering and nose twitching, he sucked in another short breath before pitching forward into his arm.

Yeeptshoo! ‘Scuse be…” he snuffled, rubbing his nose as he stood partly straight. He didn’t have much longer until another one took over, and then another.

Heeigsheww! Isshoo! Huhhh-hhhh!” As Quo geared for the next sneeze, Kita hugged the ball under her arm, growing increasingly concerned for him. She walked over, quickly stretching out a finger to place under his nose. She recoiled immediately as he turned away, pitching again.

“Bless— and, there’s two. Oh, three. Four, five, six—seven! Eight-nine-ten…eleven……twelve?” She slowed on the last number, waiting as he lifted his head again, finger rubbing his nose as his chin raised, holding back on the verge. His nose tickled insanely, he only managed to stutter a mere whimper.

“D-doe…” he protested weakly, convinced not to let ‘twelve’ happen.


•POV - Jolly•


Jolly had tossed the daffodils to the side, now rocking with her knees to her chest. She was still invisible, only several feet from the court as she watched Quo’s pro-allergy-encounter sneezing fit take place. She had to bite her lip to keep from cooing or moaning out loud in cuteness, watching attentively as Kita walked up to Quo. She flicked the tip of his nose, causing it to crumple adorably under her touch. Jolly was so focused, in fact, that she didn’t even notice how much her invisibility wavered.

Hiieeg’shoo!” He only bent slightly, opening his eyes afterwards and blinking, fixing his glasses. His eyes immediately found hers, looking slightly over Kita’s shoulder. Jolly felt her heart suddenly jolt, throbbing into overdrive as their eyes met. It was here, she realized that she had lost grasp of her invisibility. She panicked, wrapping her arms around her legs and trying to go invisible again, but her mind raced too much to do so. In the end, she only resulted in going halfway invisible, similar to that of a ghost. She felt anxiousness crawl up her spine as Kita turned, also spotting her. She couldn’t help but scoot back slightly as Kita approached her; eyes of good intentions, sure, but still.

“H-Hello…” She said awkwardly as the tall girl stood over her.

“Ah - hey. You new to Uni?” She arced her eyebrows, and Jolly couldn’t seem to process the question. She stammered, before her brain made the decision to do the only thing she could do to get out of the situation; run.

It was mere seconds as she stood and dashed away, not even bothering to look back as she used some magical aid to get to the dorms faster.

It wasn’t even two minutes before she arrived at her room, slamming the door shut and panting heavily. She let her body slide to the ground, covering her face.

“Why do I have to be such an idiot?” She whispered to herself, yet she smiled. She couldn’t lie about the fact that she had definitely enjoyed the encounter while it lasted, and she would surely be keeping an eye on Quo as much as she could manage. She smiled to herself as she slid out of her human form, skin growing pitch black and eyes flickering gold. She found her way to her bed, letting her eyes close as she played back the thoughts over and over like a recording, smiling herself away for the night. “…Idiot, could be an overstatement.”


•POV - Kita•


Kita had watched her run away, simply standing there, dumbfounded. She broke the silence with a light cough, eyes casting to her friend, who shrugged.

“Well then.”

“Thad our cue tdo head hobe?” Quo’s nasally voice questioned.

“With you in this state, there’s really no other choice.” She giggled, punching his arm. She reached into her pocket, pulling out a travel pack of tissues for him, which he greatly accepted. “I figured you would need it.”

“I’b thad predictable?” He blinked, before blowing his nose.

“Yes, Sneezester, now let’s get going.” She spoke as she began walking, Quo not to far behind. She knew the next day, Wednesday, brought nothing more than a meek, yet challenging test in science, and then they would be free for the rest of the day. Of course, what the next day would truly bring, she had no idea what would lie ahead. She wold have to cross that bridge when she came to it.


There's chapter 1! Chapter two is coming ASAP!

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 Oh my god, I am in love with this!~


I can't wait for moreeee. :notworthy:

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I hope you guys are enjoying, Here's Part 2!!



Quo: A college student with sharp, green eyes, mocha brown skin, and curly black hair. He wears square glasses, which rest on his medium, angled-yet rounded nose. Very tall, around 5’9”

Kita: Another college student with crystal blue eyes, long black dreadlocks, and creamy chocolatey skin. She has freckles over her slightly-larger nose. Somewhat tall, around 5’5”

Rose: Quo’s roommate and crush, rich, pale skin with beautiful, long blonde hair, braided design over her ears and down her back. Stormy blue eyes, and an angled, relatively small nose. The shortest of the known trio, around 5’3”

Jolly: A collage student with pitch-black skin normally, golden yellow eyes, and no hair whatsoever. In her human-like form, she has dark-brown skin, brown-black eyes, and long, brown dreadlocks. Height is 4’7”

Violet: A collage student who is half-Asian, half-white, brown-black wavy hair, purple eyes, and freckles. She hates to wear glasses, but doesn’t have the best eyesight. Height is 5’4”

Murray: A collage student who is a shifting merman, blue scales, mocha-brown shin, curly chocolatey-brown hair, and deep blue eyes.

Mac: An anthro-bipedal feline, non-student, who resembles that of a Siberian Lynx, with the sabertooth fangs of a Smileodon. Around 4’6” in height, with brown and black fur.

‘The Sin Dealer’ (Or TSD): The older half-sister of Mac, a tall, lanky anthro feline with long ears, and a mouth on her tail. Known as Jolly’s ‘boss’.

Main characters so far are colored. Future characters may be introduced soon.




•POV - Quo•


Quo’s eyes fluttered opened to the darkness of his dorm room. The bed was soft and comfortable, and he always kept things tidy. He sat up, fingering for the blinds to let some light into the room. Still partly visionless without his glasses, he swept his hands over his bedside table for them. He smiled to himself as his hands found them, he opened them up and placed them on his face. As his eyes adjusted, he was greeted to specks of dust that stuck to the lenses; this was the only issue about the room—it was a dust-pen overnight.

He barely had time to react before the particles that danced around the room resonated in his twitching nostrils. His eyelids slammed shut as he sucked in a few hitches.

gh-hhh! Hehhhh!” With a gasp, he brung his hands to his face in a desperate attempt to pinch his nose. He shot forward, gritting his teeth.

Hieeg’shew!” The sound still escaped, leaving him with a fraction of a sigh before he inhaled sharply a second time. “Etchiee!”

And a third: “Eiiigshoo!”

And a fourth: “Ash’kiew!” 

Once done with his morning fit, he urged himself to keep quiet. It was so early, he was unsure if he had woken his roommate. That would be the last thing he needed, ruining other’s sleep. He fumbled for a tissue to wipe his glasses off.


•POV - Rose•


Unfortunately for Quo, Rose woke gently to the sound of her roommate sneezing. In StarSpill, dorms could be mixed and matched of genders and breeds, so she didn’t mind having a guy to share an apartment-like living space with.

It took all of about five minutes to slip on her dress and straighten her beautifully-colored hair to look at least half-decent, hearing Quo unleash into a small fit behind the wall. She hurried out of her room, giving the door a quick warning knock before cracking it open. Quo sniffled, blushing as he held a tissue to his reddened nose. He was rubbing it back and fourth, trying to keep another sneeze at bay.

“You alright?” She questioned with concern. His eyes were glassy as they found her, on the edge of a sneeze, but he nodded. 

“J-just….morning…d-dust…” he murmured with a blush, nose itching insanely.

Rose sighed gently in response, but not in an irritated way. She felt sorry for her friend and his allergy problems, and couldn’t help stepping inside. “Quo, you don’t need to hold back any sneezes on my account, and you should know that,” she smiled warmly. Walking over, she caught a glimpse of his desperate hitching, almost as if he was trying to coax the sneeze out. She tilted her head.


“Stuck?” She finished for him, sitting down next to her sneezy roommate. She smiled at his face, a blush tinting on her cheeks—she’d be lying if she said she didn’t at least kinda enjoy the moment. He saw Quo scrunch his eyebrows, nose crumpling adorably. Nonetheless, he shook his head.

“D-doe…” He said thickly.

“No?” Her voice teased arcing an eyebrow as she drifted a featherlight touch along his nostrils.


•POV - Quo•


Quo’s eyelids fluttered shut to her touch. He let his jaw hang agape, sucking in short, pouty breaths as she teased his nose. It didn’t take long for him to gasp, nostrils growing pink with irritation as he raised his chin. A blush colored his cheeks as his eyebrows knitted up, he knew he was trying to escape the inevitable; he absolutely hated how sensitive his poor little nose was to her touch.

ihhh……hehhh…heh! Heiig’shew!

He had tried to make it as loud as possible, but it only resulted in a violent, yet quiet pitch, a mere squeak for an ending sound.

Eep’shew! Tiig’shoo! Hepp’tshoo! huh-Ieeg’shew! Yeep’tssh! Aessho! Heeiishuu! Assheuu!

His fit paused suddenly, finding relief from her finger held under his nose. He sighed shakily as she rubbed his nose back and fourth, a deep blush burned across his mocha cheeks. Once he was completely ok, she turned on her heel and began cleaning his room of it’s dust without a second thought.

“Rose,” Quo stammered, “you don’t have to…”

“I know I don’t have to, but I want to; you can’t go the whole day in a room chock-full of allergens.” Rose spoke as if it was the simplest thing in the world. She grinned slightly over her shoulder, letting her blonde hair sway like yellow grass in the sunset. Quo fixed his glasses over his blushing face. He stood, fixing his bed as she dusted the shelves; he wasn’t going to object by her cleaning, but didn’t want her cleaning all alone.

“Other than allergies, are you doing okay this morning?” She asked him sweetly; Quo knew if she wasn’t busy worrying about his allergies, she was making sure he was stable in terms of collage.


•POV - Rose•


Rose turned her head slightly to the sound of Quo straightening out his blankets.

“Uh…yeah I’m doing alright…h-had a basketball game with Kita last night…” Quo sniffled, grabbing Rose’s attention. She turned just in time to see him launch forward into his arm. “Eigg’tchxt!”

“Bless you,” she murmured quietly before continuing, “How did the game go? Did you win?” She teased somewhat, causing him to chuckle.

“T-thanks…” he partly hitched, eyes watering. He found a way to grasp the oncoming sneeze, and continued on, “And no, of course, but that’s not my concern; all I’m ‘worried’ about is that one test in Ability Science.”

He hitched again, standing straight and shoving a finger under his nostrils. Rose walked over, smposively to clean, but also keep an eye on him. “You need any help…with…studying?” She found herself trailing off as she watched him stiffen, rubbing his nose until the tickle backed off. Their eyes met, he blushed lightly.

“Sorry, I know you always worry about my sensitivity…” he chuckles gingerly.

“I only do it because I care, silly,” she smiled, “you don’t need to apologize.”

“About the test, I’ve really had it down since I’ve heard about it; usual nerd at play. How about you?”

Rose shrugged, letting a few strands of her blonde hair float, “I’ve pulled a few all-nighters, that plus the tutoring classes in the library? I think I can just barely scrape an A.”

“T-theehhhh….Then how a-about we g-go to the library this morning? We can check up on each other……I can invite…Kit-t—!!” She heard as he sucked in a large gasp, doubling over at the waist as he shot forward, “EEEEISHH’eww!” 

He groaned into his hands, face red as he sniffled. Rose walked over, biting her lip as she rubbed his back. She couldn’t imagine it was ever easy for the poor guy, especially in the mornings. “S-sorry Rose—”

“Shhh, It’s fine. If you wanna go to the library this morning, we totally can.” She smiled at his nod, he stood back up straight.

“Right…let me get breakfast going. You have your stuff packed?”

“No,” Rose admitted, “But it’s also in the living room.”

“Okay, let’s get ready then.”



•POV - Quo•


It took all of about three minutes for breakfast to be cooking on the stone skillet—scrambled eggs and cheese, good-quality bacon, potato hash browns, and raw orange slices with strawberries on the side. With Quo, no one really needed to worry about surviving off of Ramen Noodles or pizza from two days ago; half the money he earned from here and there went towards buying quality ingredients for delicious, filling meals. It was hilarious, being the ‘man’ of the dorm room, he adored to do things usually associated with women; cook, clean, sing, all of it.

As he shuffled the eggs in the pan, he opened an upper cabinet to grab the nasal spray of allergy medication. He went over to the counter, taking the cap off and poking the nozzle-end into his ticklish left nostril. He sniffed, immediately feeling his eyes water in itchiness. He quickly did the other side, putting the cap back on and placing the medicine back in the cabinet. He squinted his eyes, snuffling and sniffling, before eventually bringing an elbow up to his face.

“You alright?” Rose called from the living room. Quo sucked in a small gasp, eyelids sliding shut.

“Heeeig’shew! Oh! Excuse me…yeah.” He sniffles quickly as he scrapes the delicious-smelling food onto two plates, designing the plates in a nice arrangement; breakfast for two. They weren’t dating or anything, but it was still suitable for a best friend. He meets Rose in the dining area, holding the two aesthetic plates out. His nose twitches in protest, causing his eyes to water. His eyelids begin to flutter, but he can’t rub his nose with his hands full.


•POV - Rose•


Rose glances up from her lulled trance to the delicious food, seeing a pre-sneeze expression taking over her roommate’s face. She blushes lightly, shuffling closer to reach an arm up. She places a finger under his nostrils, and almost immediately, she can see the tickle tame down. She smiles, rubbing his nose back and fourth for him; his breathing is light, short huffs of air. “hihhh….h-hhhh..”

“Tell me when it’s better, Quo,” Rose coos with a grin. She didn’t mind postponing breakfast for a bit.

“S-sorry about this…” Quo blushes, but lets her continue rubbing his nose.

“It’s fine, you know I don’t mind helping you,” She whispers. “Does this at least help?” She applies a bit more pressure, gently rubbing her knuckle against his pink nostrils. His response was a nod, eyelashes glistening under his glasses with tears. She smiled softly, watching his adorably desperate face. “What triggered it?”

“M-med…” he huffs lightly again, nostrils flaring as he spoke.

“Your…allergy medication makes you sneeze too now?” She blinks, smirking. He blushes harder.

“I-I’m sensitive…”

“Well, that’s what you have me for!” She grinned. Quo sighed in relief, backing away from her finger.

“Ngh..thank you…almost ruined breakfast.”

Rose chuckled, taking her food lest another incident happened. “Anytime, Quo. You know that.” They both sat, digging into their food. 


•POV - Quo•


Quo looked down at his plate, stabbing his fork into his eggs and cheese. He happily scooped some up, taking a bite of his tasty masterpiece; it was amazing, but bit plain. He eyes the pepper-shaker on the table, but rolls his eyes at the thought. “After the havoc of this morning, I think I’d be better off flavorless,” He joked. 

“I mean,” Rose chimed, eating her potatoes yet not looking up, “You’re not holding the food now, it’s not like sneezing would be bad for you…”

Quo’s mind brought up a thought, his smile faded, ever so slightly. “Sneezing’s always bad for me…” He muttered under his breath. This caused Rose to look up.

“What do you mean, Quo? Why is it bad for you?”

“I-I mean, you hear my sneezing on a normal basis—I-Its embarrassing! Not to mention on the court with my teammates I—” he placed his fork down, leaning back and rubbing his eyes through his glasses.

“Quo, You’re not bad at what you do, why should intimidation matter?”

“It’s the point that they’re not wrong—”

“How are they not wrong?”

“J-Just look at me! I’m meek! I sound like a kitten half the time on court!”

Rose stuffs down the last bite of her meal, scuffing it down with a strong swallow. “A kitten who’s damn good at shooting baskets! Quo, you don’t need to intimidate the competition…you just need to beat them…at the very least, you’re amazing to me.” Her words caused a blush on Quo’s cheeks.

“R-rihhhEck’shieeew! O-Oh…excuse me…” A sneeze had came out of nowhere, catching them both off guard. Rose giggled as he rubbed his nose.

“Bless you, Quo.”

“T-thanks…we should get going…Kita’s been exploding over the phone about the text I sent her a few minutes back.” He sniffles, finishing quickly and placing both dishes in the washer. He looked to Rose who swung her backpack over her shoulder.

“You ready to brave the great outdoors, Quo?” She smiled.


•POV - Rose•


Rose smirked at Quo’s response.

“Ready as I’ll ever be~” It was a lyric from a song they both knew, and she couldn’t help but smile; she was glad he was comfortable singing around her, thus tried not to giggle or roll her eyes when he did. To be honest, his singing was actually quite good, even; in the dorm, he would go into cute little singing sprees here and there that Rose could sometimes catch.

They headed downstairs and out the door, the morning air crisp and cool as the sun began it’s reach for the sky. Grass green and pavement winding, it was a beautiful morning. Kita was dribbling her basketball in the courtyard, passing by several students who steered clear of her jog. Rose was about to call for her, when Quo suddenly sucked in a short breath, something that caught them both off guard.

hhehhhh-Yeeiatch’ieee!!” Quo bent forward gently into his arm. Rose’s lip quivered in a small blush.

“Bless you.”

“There you guys are!” Kita had heard as well, making her way over. Quo rubbed his irritated nose, nodding. “What on earth took you two so long?”

“We both snoozed through our alarms,” Rose lied, casting an eye at Quo. She knew he would be embarrassed by the truth.

“Ugh, of course you did. Anyway, I got the text—we heading to the library?” Kita puts her hands on her hips looking down at Rose, then up at Quo; she was the middle height of the two.

“That’s Right,” Quo nodded in approval.

“We just need to get a quick crash in before the test.” Rose began to lead the way out of the courtyard, up the hill for the two to follow.


•POV - Kita•


The library was a building separated from the main wings, and it was massive. Spiral staircases and oceans of shelves where books rested, Kita herself was shocked at how quiet it was. She could see the fact that no one in their right mind would clean regularly in a place this grand without twice the pay, but either way, she felt bad for Quo’s poor little nose; she arced her neck to see Quo already sniffling, twitching nostrils blushing a fuzzy pink.

They found the nearest table, and the three pulled out their textbooks; Quo practically had twice as many books, due to outside research he wanted to learn about the units.

“Alright, alright,” Kita begins to quiz, “Raw or Dense magic; Fire Magic only in the hands.”

“Easy, Dense.” Quo leaned back. Rose nodded in agreement.

“Okay, why?”

“Because raw magic is directly from your internal make-up. Fire Magic is an acquired trait, and has to be learned. You don’t just know it.

“Not to be mixed up with Fire Ability,” Rose pointed out. The three were studying magic for a test, and it wasn’t uncommon for them not to; this was StarSpill University, after all.

“Right,” chirped Kita, “What are other Dense forms of magic?”

“Any elemental magic that can be improved, or ‘wizard magic,’ have you, that can be learned from scratch.” Quo summarized.

“Dense magic can also improve Raw magic, the stuff you were born with.” Rose added.

“Like ice.” Kita said with a smirk, planting a finger down on the table. Frost began to crawl away from were her finger was, spreading slowly. Quo bit his lip, tensing up.

“Kita—No magic at the table!”


•POV - Rose •


Rose rolled her eyes at Kita’s shenanigans, punching her arm and removing her finger.

“Oh hush you two. It’s not like I’ll freeze the building.” Kita joked with a grin.

“No,” Rose blinked, “but you can’t afford the dirt off this table! What if you break it?” She raised her eyebrows, Quo smirked.

“Ahh, whatever. Raw Magic. List it.”

Quo looked up at this one. “Any magic obtained at birth or by genetics.”

“Like…?” Kita put her elbows on the table.”

“Mind-Reading, and Moving things with your—”

“Telepathy and Telekinesis,” Rose corrected him.

“And?” Kita pressed on. Quo totted his head.

“The ability to change physical appearance, like invisibility or like the mermen in this school; they can swim with tails, then walk with feet.”

“Micro-Macro Shifters are also Raw Magic,” Kita smirked at him. He rolled his eyes. Rose saw him lean back again, something obviously starting to tickle his nose. His nose crumpled, nostrils flaring a bit as he huffed with a shaky breath.

ehh-hhh…” Quo hitched quietly, squinting his watering eyes. Rose bit her lip gently, batting an eye to share Kita’s concerned expression.

“h-hhhh….S-stupid d-duhhhssst…”

“Don’t worry, we understand…” Rose said sweetly and under her breath. Quo sniffled, waving his hands in front of his face; his hitching was uneven, as if the sneeze was debating wether to go or stay. Rose shot Kita another apologetic look, and she shrugged in response. Sighing, she lifted a finger, tracing her nail just above his nostril delicately.

Quo hitched in response, blushing; he would allow her to do it in the comfort of the dorms, but it was embarrassing in public—he moved his head so she was out of reach. He opened a teary eye. “F-Fine…hehhhhh…” he said, indicating that ‘I’m fine.’ Rose pursed her lips, giving back a ‘we both know you’re not,’ glare.

Kita rolled her eyes at the entire situation from across the table. She balled her fist before flicking all five of her fingers out. A silent mist of ice-blue magic clouded the two’s faces, causing the air around them to chill. Rose felt her own nose begin to tickle a bit, but she tended it with a quick rub. Quo on the other hand, lifted his chin, shooting forward into his hands.

Aaap’tshieee!” It looked a bit harsh for Quo, seeing as the shrieking sound was loud enough to startle Kita. And Rose. And everyone within a 3 meter radius.


•POV - Jolly•


Jolly had been ‘studying,’ as well, hand fumbling with a lollipop in her pocket. She knew there was no food allowed in the library, but her craving for the sweet sphere of sugary goodness on a stick was all to much. Strawberry was her favorite, and she happened to be carrying a gourmet-sized one on her. She felt herself salivate inside her mouth, longing—no, needing it. Almost as if it was an unbreakable addiction, more powerful than any cigarette could do. The sudden shriek of a sneeze had caught her completely off guard, causing her to yelp and fall back in her chair, which thumped to the ground.

“Dammit!” She swore through gritted teeth, looking up to meet three pairs of eyes from a nearby table. Kita stands, walking over to help her up.

“You ok there?” She asked once she was off the ground.

“Y-Yeah…” She responded feebly, picking up the books that fell off the table with her. “Thank you…just got startled” her eyes glanced at Quo for a mere second.

“Name’s Kita…I think I’ve seen you before…?”

Jolly felt her throat close up at the memory from yesterday that she had only wanted to forget. “U-uh…no I don’t think so…then again my memory is that of a goldfish…”

“You’re not the only one, we’re over here stuffing our heads seconds before a test!” Kita squinted slightly, but shrugged.

“I just came here to see if they had the next en—”

“Haeep’tchuu!” Quo threw forward another squeal of a sneeze, pitching. He lifted his head, glasses crooked on his face as he sighed. Rose laughed lightly, fixing his glasses for him. “O-Oh, thank you.” He murmured.

“Bless you, Quo,” Kita called over her shoulder, blue eyes bright. “The next what?” She turned back to Jolly, who swallowed. She sat down, showing her the books.

“The next entry for the series. It wasn’t here yet, so I’m rereading some old ones.” She muttered with a gentle voice. The doors of the library suddenly open again.


•POV - Kita•


Kita looked up to see a group of tall jocks enter the library. Telling by their hoodies, it was the male basketball team that Quo was on; the Fireballs. Kita heard a thump behind her, and turned to see the textbook next to Rose had fell open on the table, Quo no longer behind it. Confused, she turned back around, seeing the other girl she was just talking to had disappeared as well. This only confused Kita more.

She turned slightly to meet the jocks who approached her. She had seen all three of them before on the court with Quo, and how their skills compare to her sneezy friend.

“Ey Kita, where’s Quo?” The shorter one, who was still towering over her asked. Kita casted an eye around the library, and seeing Quo had hid, she got his message.

“Obviously not here, why?” She questioned back.

“He’s been skimping out on practice recently, we were gonna help him with a few words of encouragement.” The taller one spoke; the tone of which he had said that made his true message obvious, and Kita’s stomach churned. Rose stood up to stand by her friend.

“By encouragement you mean bullying?” She shot at them irritably. The three looked to each other as if taking offense to her words.

“Bullying? What? We’re not middle-schoolers. Those years are far from over.” The tallest one bent, hands on his knees to become eye-to-eye with Rose.

“Eugh.” Kita grumbled, but Rose wasn’t done.

“Yet I happen to know that Quo’s terrified of you, and that probably has to do with both your ‘encouragement’ and the fact that those years are clearly not over.”

The shorter one scoffed. “Do you not trust us? Just tell us where he is.”

Rose opened her mouth but Kita cut her off quickly. “Math wing, meatheads, you know him.”

“Right…insensitive ladies,” The tallest muttered, standing straight. “Boys, math wing. Let’s go.” They turned, heading towards the door.

“Just know,” Rose raised her voice, not caring about the others in the library. “If I find out you’re hurting him, it’ll be me your dealing with.” She growled, watching as they left the library.

Kita immediately turned around to look for her other friend. “Quo.”


•POV - Quo•


Quo peered up at his two friends from where he sat; he was hidden in the crease of the textbook, the mere size of a fly—this was his Micro-Macro Shifting ability at play. Rose’s large, stormy-blue eyes were quick to find her tiny friend.

“Quo, what are they doing to you?” She questioned him sharply. He averted his eyes, and she sighed gently. Her huge finger hovered in front of him, in an offer for him to climb up onto. He did so, and she gently lifted him up to eye level.

“Guys, it’s fine. Really,” He said, rubbing his arm as he sat on her finger, legs dangling. “I’m just not in the mood to talk to them right now.”

“Bullshit.” Rose said flatly. “…Excuse my language, but bullshit.”

“I-I second that!” Kita stammered. “You almost never use magic in public unless it’s by accident!”

Quo opened her mouth to speak in protest, but it’s almost as if lightning struck in Rose’s blue eyes, shutting him up in an instant. “Really, this is the arbitrary line you wan’t to draw in our friendship?” She stated sarcastically, “Not telling me what’s bothering you about some dumb jocks?”

“I just really don’t want you guys to worry about me…” He murmured.

“Too late. We’ve worried. Tell us what’s going on, and who I have to beat up.” Rose countered on his word.

“I call the tallest one!” Kita chimed in. This got a smile off of Rose.

“Fair enough, I can’t reach him anyways.”

Quo didn’t take much of the amusement. “It’s just like I said earlier.” He said simply, leaping off of Rose’s finger and grabbing Kita’s hoodie string; he slid down, landing on his chair before growing back to his original 5’9” size.

“What you said earlier was that they looked down on you—not that they bullied you.” She pressed.

“I’m just not as good at basketball as they are…I don’t even like the sport!” He sighs, running his fingers through his hair. “In my opinion…they have every right to. I’m no man…”

“You’re far more of a man than they’ll ever be if they’re picking on you. So what if you’re a gentle and emotional person?” Rose retorted, before looking down with a more gentle voice. “That’s why I like you.”

“B-but what about everyone else here? Everyone here plays some kind of sport, I would only be out of pace if—”

“No one else in the damn school matters, Quo!” Kita spat. She was about to go on when the bell rang. She grumbled.

“Courtyard after testing. Quo. Be There.” She muttered, grabbing her bag and leaving. Rose was sick to follow without word. She was mad at him, for sure.

The doors closed, Quo was left there, not knowing exactly what to do. He slung his bag over his shoulder. Taking a deep breath, he left as well.


There was Chapter 2! Let me know how you guys liked it! There is plenty more to come in the future!

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