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let me start by calling my friend L. He is 29 about 5'10, light colored skin, turquoise(ish) eyes, short brown hair, stubbly beard and nice longish pointy nose. My friend and I have known each other for about 10 years now. We met while we worked for the same company and kept in touch ever since. During our time at the given company, I would notice how certain mornings L would come in somewhat stuffy. I never really saw much until one day when I was certain he had allergies. One morning, he clocks in and proceeds to walk to his station. As I'm saying good morning I see L pinch his nose and stifled 3 beautiful sneezes into his hand. One after the other back to back. I say bless you and he thanks me and says "gosh allergies are terrible today" as he's saying that he sneezes yet again but this time unstifled and it sounds like (tssssschoooo) while it's wet like and sprays near me. I can see the mist of spray and I say "wow bless you" he thanks me again and says "sorry couldn't hold that one in and didn't mean to spray you" i almost died. I said "don't worry about it L" and I smiled and he replied "okay" and smiled back. That was the end of that but the beginning of something for me. 


Years later, I finally have the courage to tell him about my fetish. I had no idea how he would react to it and said "it's okay we all have our thing and if I can help you I will" I couldn't believe it.. L is now sneezing for me on video and in person. L has let me induce for him before and has sneeze spray for me without a problem. L says he doesn't want any of our friends to know about this and I have told L not to worry it'll stay between our friendship. I'm so glad to have told L about my fetish as he is willing to sneeze for me and his beautiful sneezes are to die for. 

Thanks for reading 

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Very Nice Obs. I never told my actual friends. So thats exciting! I did tell some guys ive been dating with. Many are very fine with it. 

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Thank you for sharing this! a great obs, and such a good friend! 

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That is wonderful, and just how much he loves you as a friend and honoures your friendship 😊

How do you induce him? Do you use something that he’s allergic to?

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Yes indeed he does love me as a friend and I love him as my friend too. He lets me induce him via the use of a tissue. He tells me exactly where to place it and tickle his nose. 

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That's awesome!  I haven't told any of my friends or boyfriends but this gives me hope maybe one day I can

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