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Hello, I do not know if anyone of you ever asked this question?
I looked around the forum, but I couldn't find it here, so I decided to write this post.  I hope everyone is fine?
I wanted to ask you, was there a situation in your life where your fetish kind of 'forbid' you to behave / act a 'normal' way?
Or you did not know how to handle this situation? This post could also be called 'story time', I think.
I can remember a situation:
We were in a Portuguese town and my brother and I went to the pharmacy together to buy a remedy for our mother.
He was 17 years old, I was a little younger.
At the sales counter next to us was a tourist, who was accompanied by her daughter and they had problems to communicate with the pharmacist.
First she tried it in English, but she presumably did not have the right words and so she turned to her daughter and asked her in Swiss idiom: 'What does 'tissues' mean in English?'
My brother and I grew up right next to the Swiss border and so I could understand it, but could not ask my brother if he could help her - since he just conversed with the other pharmacist.
Her daughter answered that she did not know either, so the lady began to use her talent for acting as an aid and started to act she had a cold - with build up's, sneezing into her hands, coughing, blowing her nose, a warm forehead etc.
It was certainly a funny situation. The pharmacists started laughing, my brother, and her daughter as well. And I just thought 'why is she doing that?'
Inside, I felt terrible, not knowing how to handle such a situation. It left a feeling of uneasiness inside me.
Finally, my brother could translate for the lady that she needed some tissues, she was very happy to meet someone who speaks her native language.
Till this day I can remember this situation and now I can laugh about it.
At that time it was a bit difficult to replace this experience, because my brother laughed at this incident for certainly two weeks and made fun about it.
Can you remember such situations in your life? How did you handled them? Thank you for your answers and have a nice day :) 
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Oh god.. a person asking for tissues will instantly turn me on anywhere. I don't necessarily believe I've experienced something close to this, but I usually have the people who end up asking for tissues from me, blow their nose in very close proximity.

Since it's a turn on for me,  all I can really do is just get back to work lol

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I feel really uncomfortable when people start talking about their cold or allergy symptoms, but I can usually change the topic then and probably don't seem too odd :) That only works when I'm around my friends, though. I can't just walk into a pharmacy like that any buy cold medicine (which I rarely do), it is a rather intimate topic for me. Same with doctors, I'm afraid that my inability of mentioning the strange pain in my nostrils (it caused a constant need to sneeze) recently led to me leaving a sinus infection untreated. I wanted to have it checked out, but I couldn't really say it. I didn't even sneeze or show any other symptoms (which makes it even harder to get a doctor's certificate :rolleyes:) because of my mental block. I suffered for another week or so and finally got antibiotics when I went there again - this time with a sinus infection that was so obvious that even my mental block couldn't hide all symptoms and an ear infection on top of that.
Usually I'm quite happy with the fetish (and love this mental block as it prevents awkward situations caused by the fetish), but in moments like these it just sucks. Any normal person would've been able to talk about their illness in front of a doctor and I felt completely helpless...

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16 hours ago, Sequoia said:

Same with doctors, I'm afraid that my inability of mentioning the strange pain in my nostrils (it caused a constant need to sneeze) recently led to me leaving a sinus infection untreated. I wanted to have it checked out, but I couldn't really say it. I didn't even sneeze or show any other symptoms (which makes it even harder to get a doctor's certificate :rolleyes:) because of my mental block.

hello @Sequoia 

I comprehend exactly how you feel.
And I feel very sorry for you. Your answer made me feel a little sad, reading you were ill for another week because you had trouble explaining your symptoms to the doctor. It would have been impossible for me too, because feel the same way as you did.
Sometimes I wonder if doctors can imagine that there are patients who have hassle, constraint explaining their symptoms?
Last week I had a consultation at a specialist, and it felt like an abasement for me to tell him about asthma, tachycardia and coughing .... the good thing was, the doctor already knew me and took me seriously as always, that made it a little easier. But there was a medical student attendant who looked at me totally worried and inside I felt horrible.
Perhaps it will help you if, in such situations, you inwardly say that a doctor conducts such conversations every day? Surely he will not see anything special in this topics and you do not have to worry about it? It will make it easier for him to diagnose and for your own health, it would be a great advantage?
I hope I could help you a bit? Do you feel better now? Take care of you.
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@beijoseternura Thank you for these nice words! :) I'm sorry for letting you wait so long. 

The second time was much better, because I had already decided what to say (and how to say it) beforehand. I think visualizing helps with that a lot. And I got well fast after that visit, it is just super awkward to think about it now. 

I don't know if doctors notice this, but I hope they don't. It would be even more embarrassing. But he might notice the difference to other appointments - I have no problem with needles, for example, and I'm very calm when it comes to that. He knows that and even asked if a student could try taking a blood sample on me, as he'd never done that before. I was perfectly fine with that. Only if it's an illness with typical cold symptoms I get all cringy. 

It definitely got better within the past years, but I think it will take a lot of time until I can talk about illnesses like a nearly-normal person ;) Not sure if I want this to happen, though. The block is really annoying sometimes, but only sometimes. And I feel like it's a part of the fetish (and also of me) and not-having it anymore might include that I begin to "lose" the fetish. Not sure if that can happen (I mean, there are some fetish therapies out there that should actually work), but the thought is rather terrifying. I like this fetish despite of its disadvantages :D 

But yes, it is definitely a good idea to overcome the block at least so far that one can take care of one's health. I'm trying!



Back to topic: I think everyone has experienced something like this, but I'll still add it here: I was having a long exam (one of these six-hour ones, not my finals, though) and half of the course was sniffly. It was difficult at the beginning (fetish alert: Sneezes ahead!), but since I concentrated on the tasks, I had no problem in ignoring the sniffles and blows surrounding me. Even when the teacher mentioned that she'd got some tissues as everyone seemed to be sick, I merely looked up.

But then the first sneeze echoed through the room. I had a perfect view of the sneezer, as I had just lifted my head after finishing a task. And it was a good one. A nearly perfect sneeze. Needless to say, I was totally distracted. It wouldn't have been as distracting if I'd been in the middle of writing, but he had managed to sneeze afterwards. And on top of that, the teacher sneezed not a minute after, complaining that we'd gotten her sick. 

Gah. So hard to concentrate on the task again. If not for that awkward timing, everything would've been fine... Luckily, there was some kind of interruption when we got the next exercise. I didn't reread my text, but I could finish the next (and last) task without further distractions :) 

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Hello @Sequoia I am sorry too you waited so long for an answer. I think you are right- visualizing can help a lot and I think it always depends on if you are supported by your family or boyfriend etc. when you have health problems. In my opinion it counts a lot and helps you to accept and treat better such situations.

Did you finished your exams? I hope you had luck on your side:kisscheek:

I remember another situation too. It happened a few years ago I talked via msn messenger to a relative in Turkey and before he called I was watching a YouTube video of a girl who had created an 'allergy diary' - since I don't have any allergies I was always interested in this topic. Just a few seconds before I got his call I changed the diary to this Arabic song. Amr Diab is a famous Egyptian singer - I added the song for you. Tamally ma'ak means I am always with you.

Then I answered his call and the first thing he told me was: "hey you are listening to Arabic music it is a beautiful one could you send it to me please?" 

:mellow: I didn't know he could hear every media I was listening to through his headphones. I was so happy I changed the videos before and til this day I can't imagine what he would have said if he would have heard the diary before. 

I hope you are fine today:)

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Well embarassing stories you say...   

It happened a long time ago, when I just discovered the whole "fetish side" of YouTube. I was exploring it using my headphones, when at some point the video suddenly stopped. I didn't pay attention to it, tapped on the screen, and the video continued, though for some reason it became very quiet. Disappointed, I turned up the volume and only after about 5 or 10 minutes of listening I realized... my headphones weren't plugged in anymore :shocking: It turned out, I was listening to people sneezing so loudly that I could hear it even through my unplugged headphones. Oh, and I must mention that my room was right next to my parents'... Needless to say, I've always checked my headphones' connection to the phone after that accident :)

P. S. As far as I know, my little mistake has stayed unnoticed 

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Oh, I've just thought of it! Does it count that I never bless people, and if I do, my voice sounds taunting and irritated? As if instead of "bless you" I'm actually saying "oh god, stop it, you're annoying".

The same thing happens when people bless me (in rare cases when my mental block fails). I can't, just can't thank others, cause I hate it when they see me sneeze... :pinch: Perhaps if I didn't have sneeze fetish, I would be a bit more polite hehe

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@beijoseternura You are not alone AT ALL! 

A few short stories:

When I was a little kid, I used to say "stop it!" whenever my parents or babysitter sneezed. They told me I was very rude...

At an internship I had, my supervisor sat right across from me and she sneezed, like, all the time! I felt awkward blessing her at first, so I didn't, and then I just never ever did. I'm not saying that I necessarily think anybody noticed that I didn't bless her, but it definitely got in my head and I was paranoid about it.

When I was maybe 8 years old, I was visiting my grandma and I had a bad cold. Whenever I felt I had to sneeze, I would run up onto her roof to do it! So I would be away from everyone..I just pretended that I needed to get some air.

And, in general, the topic of sneezing has come up in conversations with friends a few times. I just smile and nod along, completely unable to participate. 

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On 19.6.2018 at 8:28 PM, Lauren said:

When I was a little kid, I used to say "stop it!" whenever my parents or babysitter sneezed. They told me I was very rude...

:) oh I can imagine this. Thank you for your stories @Lauren you tell them so honestly and funny.

Once I was with my partner in our living room, it was last summer, the windows were open there was a gentle breeze outside which carressed my cheeks and the only thing which wasn't nice to hear was his stuffy nose .

 He is allergic to grass and suddenly he started sneezing a lot, 11 loud, wet sneezes with huge and breathy build ups and he never covers them. I hate it..

After he was finished I just stared at him and asked him: 'Don't you feel ashamed of it?'  I am not an unfriendly or even rude person who likes confrontation or conflicts - I would tell I am the opposite..

but his sneezes made me feel so uncomfortable. And he cleaned the screen of his smartphone with his sleeve and asked me: 'no, why should I?'

I just nodded and said 'I think no one in your life showed you how you behave yourself the right way.' I really can't tell you why I answered this way.. I think he was very surprised and wondered why I reacted with such words:)

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I shared this story before:

I was with a 'friend' - I knew her from my childhood at a portuguese Restaurant. The waiter was also portuguese and he brought some red wine for her (I don't drink alcohol). He was kind of boy like telling every woman 'hey how are you, you look stunning as always etc.' and his eyes are everywhere.. you know what I mean?

And as he brought the wine he said in portuguese cheers it means 'saúde' but you can also use it for 'bless you'. And I felt so angry with him, I really don't know why. I dropped the fork on my plate and just stared at him and he was frightened… you could read in his eyes.. oh, what have I done wrong?? the rest of the evening he was hiding behind the bar and very busy there 😂 my friend didn't understand saúde and she wondered what happened 😂

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tbh i just act like a normal person & mirror whatever i've seen ppl without the fetish doing as far as reacting to things goes. make believe goes a long way in maintaining social graces.

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35 minutes ago, •.*°•☆. Q .☆•°*.• said:

tbh i just act like a normal person & mirror whatever i've seen ppl without the fetish doing as far as reacting to things goes. make believe goes a long way in maintaining social graces.

This is how I do it as well. Perks of having trouble with normal social interaction anyway. So I know how to pick up on others habits and emulate them.

(I hope I don't sound crazy)

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7 minutes ago, MeForever said:

(I hope I don't sound crazy)

Nope, I do the same thing. Uh, well... that probably didn't help! :lol: 

But seriously. I try to act like a normal person, while quietly dying on the inside, and then I log onto the forum and talk about the cringe with people who understand. :lol: 


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