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Yaaaay, Anatoli sneeze art!! :cryhappy: This is BEAUTIFUL! The ladies are wonderful, and I especially love how you played with the light here, it's AMAZING! :heart:

Thank you so much for sharing!!


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Agreed with Chanel on all fronts! The play of light and shadow is great, and I love how well you drew the spice sacks and the hair (especially the brunette's). I also really like the way you drew the spray from the brunette's sneeze; that's the sort of thing I'd hate to see in real life, but looks amazing here!

As always, I love your art! I look forward to any more pictures you may share!

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I always look forward to your artwork posts, your style is never short of amazing :D Love the artwork, but also the scenario - the redheads pre-sneeze face is to die for!

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Goodness. This is erotic art of the highest order - mind-blowingly erotic and undeniably art.

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