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Soooooo..........This is my first ever obs and my first ever post. I have kind of been a ghost around here, Ive been reading the posts but I just got the courage to make an account. Sorry if the sneeze spellings arent that good. Here goes.

Theres this boy in my History class (lets call him "B") and we recently changed seats, so now he sits in front of me and to the right. I often look that way regularly just by habit, and it was a good thing I did. He is about 5'3 mixed race with cute curly brownish black hair. His nose is pretty large but it suits him.Yesterday, he was absent. When I asked him why, he said his allergies were really bothering him and he had to stay home. I was curious, so i asked him what he is allergic to. He said grass, trees, cats, dogs, and anything with pollen. I happen to know that B has a dog and we laughed about it. We were taking notes on the Civil War, when i heard a sharp intake. I looked over, and saw B rubbing his nose. The sneeze seemed to be stuck and didnt come for a few minutes. When I had given up on it happening, hhhheeeeeshooo. I looked over subtly, just in time to catch a triple. hheeeshooo heeetsshooo hetchoo. It must have been leftover from yesterday, combined with the fact there is a flowering tree right outside the open window I thought. But B wasnt done yet. aaashooo hetshoo hupchoo ASHOOO! The teacher was talking, so no one blessed him. I never bless anyone, ever, but he looked up, saw me watching and blushed. I mouthed bless you, hoping for more, but none came. He didnt blow his nose, and despite the fit, he didnt sound congested. 


I hope that was ok. Let me know what you think.

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Theres more!!! 2 more, in the same class, at different times!! (and a bonus 2 sneezes from someone else!)


Today, we were talking about my necklace before class, and he commented on my skirt, which had cat hair on it from my 2 cats. He started coughing then turned turned around, glared and said "You ruined me!" he then got glassy eyed and sneezed 3 times. hukussh hhaaachoooo hatchoooooooooooooooooooo. B purposly drew out the "ooo" on that one to make me laugh. He succeded.

Later in class, there was a fire drill. B was complaining about that because there was a pretty high pollen count today. As soon as we got outside, he had a pre-sneeze face. It was stuck for most of the time we were outside, but one of our classmates then blew a dandelion in our direction. One of the white fluffies brushed his nose, setting him off. heshooo heeeeeetchoooo aaashooo hetshoo hupchoo hhhheeeeeshooo hheeeshooo heeetsshooo hetchoo ASHOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! As we walked in, he asked the teacher if he could go to the restroom. he didnt come back. I feel bad for him, but I would have loved to be in there with him.


BONUS! a different person right next to me let loose while we were taking notes. they were slightly girlish and simple. hheechoo hhechoo

B may be out tomorrow, but heres to hoping he isnt!!:sneeze:

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2 hours ago, sneezybaby said:

That was a great first post!! 

and thank you!

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36 minutes ago, Alabaster said:

No worries, you did a great job! Thank you for the obs!

let me know if you want to hear more

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well, there wasnt any sneezing today...:nosad:but at lunch when we were outside, there was a big field covered in dandelions and we had to walk through it to get to the picnic tables. B kept complaining that his allergies were really bothering him and his eyes were really red. Thats all I saw today:mellow:

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sorry guys, there hasnt been any sneezing from B in a while. buuuuuuuttttt........................ there was another guy. well call him "C" he is pretty sneezy. I cant count the number of times he has sneezed! theyre usually something like aashoo huuchoo repeated a couple of times. that happened 4 times during the 50 minute class. i got a pass down to the office to get my trumpet that i left in my dorm (i go to something like a boarding school for smart (gifted) teens) and as i was coming back, C left the room sneezing nonstop. he came back and until class was over, he only sneezed a double. aashooo hhhuchoo.


personal note since im still validating and cant get into the announcement sub-forum...............

IM GRADUATING IN A FEW WEEKS!!! still waiting on a few letters, but fingers crossed!!:nohappy::D

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