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The Hot Tub


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This is my first Story and second post. let me know what you think. I am hoping to continue this as a chain.


Jo walked into the pool supplies store and was greeted by a very handsome man, named Ian, as it said on his name tag. 

"hello! I am looking to buy a hot tub for my apartment." she said.while checking him out. he was very muscular, and under his skin tight work shirt, he was wearing a muscle shirt that showed off his arms and chest. He had nice blue eyes, light brown hair, and olive skin. His nose was in the middle she noticed. Not too big, but not too small. As she followed him to the area where the hot tubs were located, she saw his head bob twice. When they got there, he mumbled

"excuse me" and darted into the employee area. Jo knew what was happening, so she stuck around the enterance, pretending to look at the hot tubs, while really listening. achoo achoo achoo achoo achoo achoo achoo achoo achoo. Ian sneezed rapidly. Jo sighed. What she would give for a man that sneezed like that. She started to move away, thinking that was all, but then she heard more. achoo achoo achoo achoo. she could hear him panting.  haaaa...............uhh haaaaa.........HAAAAAAAAAA...........HAAAAAAACHOOOO. She heard him blow his nose wetly. He came back out.

"sorry about that." he said. "now. which one would you like? have you decided yet?"

"no, not yet" she said, still distracted, "but..." she pointed to a peticturlarly dusty one. "I like the look of this one" she could see it in his eyes. he was afraid of the dust.

"alright." he said, trying to hide it. "would you like me to plug it in for you so you can see how it works?" she had a plan.

"yes, but before you do that could you dust it off? I like being able to see the bottom." she said "ill be looking for attachments and accessories." as she walked off. Jo heard Ian groan. He disappeared in the back as she ducked behind a shelf. As she watched, he came out with a duster, box of tissues, and a trash can and started dusting. achoo achoo achoo achoo achoo achoo achoo achoo! it started immediatly. achoo achoo achoo achoo achoo achoo achoo achoo achoo!!! HAAAAA.........haaa...................HAAAAAAACHOOOOOOO!!!! she decided to walk out now while he was still sneezing. "I like this one!" she declared. "haaa..ok." Ian gasped "haaa.....ill br-hha-ing a truck out" HAAAAAAAACHOOOOOOOO


I hope to make more!

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Love this! Hope to see more of Ian ... maybe even something from his perspective?

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Sorry guys.... Im really busy and its finals week. I hope to get something cranked out after I graduate!

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