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I hate bugs...stories


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I barely escaped with my life...That’s how all my bug stories usually start and that’s how dramatic I am about bugs. I’m so scared of them and it’s ridiculous. What’s one of your bug stories? 

    I just saw one scampering across the floor of the kitchen. It’s huge with wings. One of those water bugs that come in the summer and like to be the literal fly on the wall. I see my dad’s shoes so I step into them and approach the bug...before making a hasty retreat. I can’t kill it because I’m scared of it, so I give it a wide berth and chuck my dad’s shoes at it one at a time hoping it’ll magically hit the bug. So now it’s on the wall and laughing at me as I cower in fear. I happen to notice two more shoes, so I throw those against the wall causing shoe marks that looks like a bug’s shadow about a foot away from the actual bug that’s now just not even paying me any attention. So long story short, the bug is alive and I’m in my locked room. I hate bugs soooooo much! 


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probably a june bug. just saying. if you are at the pool and one of these gets in your hair, get a friend. they have sticky things that stick to your hair. better yet...... dont get it stuck in your hair.:oops:

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29 minutes ago, sistersneezes said:


Hahaha now that sounds like an “I hate bugs...story”

Oh my goodness! I literately wrote june bug but edited it later because I thought I was wrong. Thanks! 

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2 hours ago, Reader said:

Hahaha now that sounds like an “I hate bugs...story”

Oh my goodness! I literately wrote june bug but edited it later because I thought I was wrong. Thanks! 

Youre welcome! and it really is a "I hate june bugs" story. last time i checked (a year ago) my hair was around 36 inches, and one time i had 3 of them in my hair at once! yeaaahh.............:sicksmiley02:

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Wow your hair was super long! 

And I’m screaming on the inside for you! I imagine your hair was in a French braid and a mother bug, father bug, and baby bug were just nestin 😂

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I'd gladly volunteer to save anyone from June bug attacks, because I... um... love them?  :lol:

To me they are like the cats/dogs of bugs, with these cute little furry patches. I love their colour, and, most of all, the rich, deep, buzzing humming sound they make when they're flying around. To  me, their sound is the epitome of balmy summer evenings, with the sun just setting, the last warm rays of sunshine falling on the lawn in my parents' garden, while the first few june bugs appear, a faint buzzing sound heralding their arrival... :heart:

That being said, I don't have a problem with most bugs and usually am the crazy person who's picking up bugs/ spiders for other people and carries them back outdoors. The only thing that bothers me is when insects are very large (oversized spiders/ bugs) or I know that they are potentially dangerous to people's health.

What  makes me shrink back in horror are maggots... in any size, shape, or form :puke: You know those nature documentaries when someone is roaming through the jungle, stops at a tree and goes like: "Valuable sources of protein can be found anywhere, you just have to know where to look for them" and somehow produces one of those super large maggots from out of the tree to proceed to gleefully eat it? THAT is the moment where I switch to another channel :lol:


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Wait...? Furry patches. Mine didn’t have that so it must not be a June bug. It was like black or brown with wings that started to threaten me by ruffling them. It sounds like I’m describing a bird! HAHAHA. Have you looked up like man-eating spider videos and seen those huge things that barely fit on a man’s hands? The horror.  Beautiful descriptions by the way! 

Years ago, I went to the dumpster outside to throw a trash bag in there and when I opened the large top with one hand, I see a whole bunch of rice just dumped on top of all the trash bags. And I’m thinking, “Which bag is open or which lazy sibling of mi-...”

And then the rice started wiggling. I got out of there with the quickness. 

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Hmm... maybe I also picture the wrong bug? I'm living in Europe, so maybe they look different here. The thing I'm talking about looks like this (putting it under spoiler tags, in case anyone finds close up pictures of bugs disgusting):




Can you see the little fur he has on the sides and behind his neck? That's the furry patches I was talking about. The picture also shows the colour I like so much: the shade of brown almost looks like caramel and I love it ^_^ And thank you, I am glad you liked the descriptions!


1 hour ago, Reader said:

And then the rice started wiggling

That is exactly what I can't stand about them. The way they move makes my skin crawl. I don't have a problem with caterpillars, because they have "feet" and move in a different way, but maggots have these.. bulging bodies and when they wriggle, it looks as if they are just about to burst... :puke:

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@Selene I skimmed over your warning, drawn to the secrets behind the hide feature like a moth to its inevitable electrocution by lamplight. What I saw zapped me like a shock and I dropped my phone....on to my bed. Of course my phone was close to my face too. I should have eased myself into that picture with squinting eyes peeking through my hand. I’ve never seen anything like that half bug half hamster looking thing. That was tooo furry!! I almost guessed cicada before I saw your pic but I’m not sure now. Maybe someone braver can help us.

Thats exactly right!! Too much mushy inside. I couldn’t kill a maggot either because of the squelching sound. Can’t kill bugs for the most part because they’re too dang fast but also because of the crackle sound. 

Ill have to look for your stories if that’s how you write in them! 


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Ah, I'm so sorry the little guy caught you by surprise! I added a bigger warning now, to prevent other people from being shocked in a similar way!

Crackle sound is the perfect description for it! When you accidentially step on a bug, you immediately know what it was before looking down, because of that noise...

There are many unfinished projects lurking around on my computer, but I actually never published anything here :blush:

Oh and I forogt to mention: most of my bug stories are not about actual bugs, but flies. Somehow they love to drown themselves in my beverages. Even if I am with a group of people and we have the same/ similar drinks, I am the chosen one and the flies will fall into my glass or cup. I once made a cup of coffee, added milk and then went to get a biscuit, which took about two minutes tops. When I came back, there was already a fly swimming on top of my freshly made coffee... :huh:

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That monster was not little but it’s adorable how affectionate you sound talking about the behemoth! 😊Oh don’t mind me. You didn’t have to make it bigger. I saw the warning. I just thought I was stronger. 

Oh you’ve never published on here before? I’m so intrigued to read them if you do!! Your descriptions flow so well like poetry. 

That’s crazy! I hate flies too, but I am the best at killing them. I get that fly swatter and my precision is like a sniper. 

For some reason there were a ton of flies in this one part of a window in the kitchen a year or two ago. We think there was a hole. Anyways my brother didn’t know and he was just washing his hands. He glanced up and froze, mumbling “Take me”. I felt the same when it happened to me and I went wild with that swatter. 

Why do I have so many bug stories?

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My brother and I were in the kitchen just talking when he backed up suddenly from the doorway. So I back up suddenly asking what’s wrong. He says it’s a bug and once I see it, I immediately stand on a chair and tell him to get it while I keep my balance by touching the ceiling. So he goes into the room that the bug is in and grabs a shoe- I guess we leave our shoes anywhere except the doorway - and tries to kill the bug. He goes forward and then moves back. Goes forward and steps back. 

Sis: Why do you keep backing up?!

Bro: I don’t want it to run over my feet!

Sis: wanting to somehow shame his fear into action while I stay standing on a chair 

Bro: I can’t kill it

Sis: Why not?!

Bro: It’ll wake everyone up. 

Sis: No it’s fine. I threw shoes at the wall last week and nobody woke up. Get it. Get iiitttttt! 

He gave a valiant effort, but the bug escaped. 😑😑😑  So 0 for 2 now.

Bro: well now I can never wear that robe. 

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I'm usually not afraid of spiders, but there was one roping itself down from the ceiling ONTO MY HEAD just now and I almost screamed :lol: Picture me, minding my own business, when suddenly, something felt a little itchy on my head. I reach up, but the itch moves down to my ear and then I already saw the spider scampering towards my chest :wacko:

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22 minutes ago, Selene said:

Picture me,

I picture it! :rofl: 

But ew. I'm usually not afraid of spiders either, but that would've been a very creepy (pun intended) surprise! :fear: 



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I've actually gotten better with bugs lately. I try not to kill them if I can help it, and usually just leave them to chill if I can. ^_^

That being said, during my first year of university, my flat ended up with maggots in our bins. x___x Me and one of my flatmates went to throw something out and moved the bins and suddenly there were just...maggots everywhere. :cry: It was horrifying. We sorted all the bins out (which was awful), but had no idea what to do with the ones on the carpet (bearing in mind this was in our living room, three stories up.) Aaaand one of my flatmates decided to hoover them. WTF. I feel so, so sorry for whoever was in that flat the year after us, and had to use that hoover.

I'm also still not a huge fan of spiders, since that time when I used to have a canopy over my bed, and found a MASSIVE spider in it. Since it was a fairly low canopy, said spider was only a few inches away from my face. :dead:

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6 hours ago, MaiMai said:

That being said, during my first year of university, my flat ended up with maggots in our bins. x___x Me and one of my flatmates went to throw something out and moved the bins and suddenly there were just...maggots everywhere. :cry: It was horrifying. We sorted all the bins out (which was awful), but had no idea what to do with the ones on the carpet (bearing in mind this was in our living room, three stories up.) Aaaand one of my flatmates decided to hoover them. WTF. I feel so, so sorry for whoever was in that flat the year after us, and had to use that hoover.

Uuugh, I had an incident similar to this once. I was 19, living in an apartment, and my roommate and I had left a bag of potatoes in a kitchen drawer and forgotten about them, apparently for a very long time. (Why we even bought them, I have no idea. We never cooked anything but ramen noodles and grilled cheese :lol:)  Anyway, my roommate was out of town when I finally opened the drawer, and OMG :yuck: The potatoes were liquefying, and there were maggots everywhere, and flies hatching, and uuugh. I won't even talk about the smell :dead: I kept trying to make myself clean it out, but I just couldn't bring myself to do it. I called my brother crying and freaking out, and he stayed with me on the phone for moral support for probably an hour while I cleaned the drawer out. I guess I have to give him credit for not laughing at me during the whole ordeal, since that's  the kind of thing he'd normally love to give me shit about, but I guess he could tell that it was no laughing matter for me at the time! :o



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After reading everyone’s stories, I’ve realized I’ve created a nightmare thread.

@Selene I am trying to think of an accurate phrase  to go with your story. Bone-deep chilling horror! I would have lost something inside of myself if that happened to me. It reminds me of when a bug crawled across my bed when I was on the edge on the same side it was coming up onto the bed. I jumped up so high in that horizontal position. 

@gingerdean Nope! There is no restoration for that drawer! I would have grabbed a big trash bag and covered it while easing the drawer out until it fell into the bag, had a good cry, and then lived with that hole. I applaud you fiercely for what you did! 

@MaiMai that visual though of the huge spider inches from you. *Shudder* I’m with your friend on the maggots except I would throw the Hoover out. If that’s just a vacuum, the maggots were probably still alive and waiting for the day they’d grow wings and fly out of there with revenge on their minds 😭

Earlier this morning, I was getting ready to walk my four miles (ugh someone join me) so I put my shoes on and walk towards the kitchen, almost inhaling a spider hanging midair before managing to blow it away from me. Im a mouth breather, y’all. Hahahahaha no seriously though, I almost ate a bug 😑

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Oof I have like 2 stories I could share XD. First one was like two or three years ago and I was sitting on my computer which was in the basement at the time probably watching youtube and drawing when this huge centipede just crawls up along the wall. I nearly screemed, dropped my notebook and pencil and went into my room freaking out for a minute or two. XD normally I'd wake someone up, like my brother, but it was like 3 am. I go back down and stand on the other side of the room before using something like a hanger to get my pencil and notebook because I didn't want to get close to the wall.


This other time about a month ago actually but I was playing a pokemon game on my 2ds (Like a 3ds but it's flat with no 3d) during the middle of the night again. This huge bug, probably a moth, flies and lands on the screen. Needless to say I launch my Ds across the room, it landing under a table. Luckily the only damage was that it had been awhile sense I had last saved on the game. Now it's just funny that I managed to do that.

...yeah I don't like bugs 😅 XD.

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Efficient tactic in the first story, @Breezyleebrat! Way to keep your cool under pressure! I would have had to sacrifice those things.

And as for the second story, I do that all the time!

I was playing a game and keeping score with my family when I saw a palmetto bug just walking casually. I told my dad to get it and long story short, the bug got away. A little later, I thought I saw the bug on my phone and I threw the phone, paper, and pen Hahahahahahahaha. There was no bug though lol. 

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I have a love hate relationship when it comes to bugs XD sometimes I love how some are colorful and gentle, like butterflies or ladybugs, and other times I hate bugs like how gnats can get up one of my nostrils and make me sneeze or how a fly and misquitoes buzz so loudly and wasps are...ugh...

it is cool reading what you said.

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We mostly get water bugs here, BUT I have convinced my building super that the little buggers are bad for my asthma...so every time I see one, I just get him to trap it and take it the hell out of here.

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Hey @mysterysneeze! Thanks! And as for your obs, I’m sure if a gnat went up my nose, it would come out my mouth with my luck! I hate mosquitoes so much!!! So hard to kill with their floating/flying technique! Anyways I’ll chat with you later 😊

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