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scents and memories..


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Is there a specific scent for you that you associate with a particular memory, event in your life? Like the smell of a flower, a perfume or even your favorite food? It could be anything. Something that always accompanies you in your mind and that you can not forget?
For me it would be, I know it sounds a bit odd, Nivea After Sun Lotion.
When I was little, my brother and I played every day on the beach / coast, and after a few days, the skin on my face was literally burned by the midday sun.
I was very sad because it hurted and my brother hugged me to comfort me and he gave me this lotion to help my skin regenerate.
Since then I always remember this time when I smell this cream. It is like I am able to see our little apartment in front of me, the bathroom, the living room, which was also our bedroom. I can even hear the voices of my mother and my brother. And for me it is a very valuable memory.
Do you feel that way too with a certain scent?
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YES! Im not really sure what it is.......... when I smell it, it is like deja vu. i know it, but i cant put my finger on it. the scent is slightly fruity and is probably some apple, orange, pomegranite scent. i imagine the candle/ scent pack is red. In my 6th grade history class, the teacher had diffusers that always had that scent in it. Ahhhhhhhhh i love that scent.

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