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The Dusty Turnabout (Ace Attorney, Apollo Justice)


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 Hello! I finally did it! I thought school would never let me finish this fanfic, but I did it! :D Ok, enough, I just want to say that I noticed Ace Attorney was getting more known on the forum, you know, fanfics and fanart. I really wanted to write this since I played Apollo Justice, but I couldn't because of the exams and everything. I hope you enjoy it! :heart:

 This is set in Apollo Justice; also, Klapollo warning.

 Word count: 2.299


 “Wow, this place is a mess.”

 “A dusty mess…”

 Apollo and Klavier were standing by the door, looking at the scene in front of them. A man was killed at the library in the morning at around 7:00 a.m from blunt force trauma, and one of the ladies that worked there was arrested immediately. The young lawyer showed up at the detention center almost instantly, and now he needed to investigate the scene of the crime with the prosecutor of the case: Klavier Gavin.

 He interrogated every person present at the time of the crime, but someone told him that at the back of the library there was a tiny room where they put the old books, but apparently, they hadn’t cleaned it for years, because the place was full of dust and smelled like ancient books. Apollo frowned and looked around, examining the place with his eyes.

 “Shouldn’t you investigate by yourself? You’re the prosecutor after all,” He said addressing Klavier. The prosecutor smirked and looked at his companion, playing with his long and blonde hair.

 “Well, you’re always the one who discusses the cases with me, so this won’t make a difference,” He teased, making the lawyer blush slightly and direct his gaze towards him.

 “L-leave me alone, let’s start with the investigation, shall we?” He answered quickly with embarrassment. Klavier suppressed the urge to giggle at his friend; he thought he was adorable when he acted like that.

 “As you please, Herr Forehead,” He bowed to finish the statement, smiling derisively, making Apollo even more embarrassed. The lawyer tried to ignore the prosecutor’s mockery and approached a pile of books to check, he had to find evidence to reach a ‘Not Guilty’ verdict and let his client walk free.

 In just a few minutes, they were both examining the place with attention to find suspicious objects, but the amount of dust was starting to bother the young lawyer, especially his nose. Why didn’t they clean that place once in a while? Well, the Wright Talent Agency was also a mess, but at least Apollo took care of the toilet. He grabbed a red book that looked really old; its pages were yellowish and smelled like dust. The title was “Zen and the Art of Mastering the Bar Exam”; it didn’t look like an interesting book.

 Apollo went through the pages, but the only thing he found was a thick layer of dust covering the inside of it on its entirety, so he quickly closed it and grabbed another one, discreetly rubbing his nose. A small itch was starting to take form in his sinuses, while his eyes were getting watery from the dust.

 He groaned, the last thing he wanted was suffering an allergy attack in front of Klavier, he knew the prosecutor wouldn’t let him forget it for the rest of his life. Apollo examined another book, but it was just a fairytale for kids, and of course, tiny dust clouds were forming the more he inspected the inside, so he quit. His nose was starting to get watery and red like his eyes, so he sniffled quietly, blushing at the bubbly sound it made in response; Why? Why were his allergies so strong? Especially in the middle of an investigation.

 He turned his gaze to see the prosecutor; apparently, he didn’t notice the lawyer’s allergies, and that was a relief. Apollo rubbed his nose again, trying to calm the forming itch, but he wasn’t getting anywhere by doing this, because the itch just got stronger.

 “Heh…” His breath hitched unwittingly and his nostrils flared, his nose going redder. The defense attorney tried his best to hold back a loud sneeze that could alert his companion about his allergic reaction, but he wasn’t even able to open his itchy and teary eyes, the only thing he could do was stifle the sneezes to avoid more embarrassment. He brought his hand to his face, his eyes closing and his breath hitching squeakily, attempting to make it sound as quiet as possible. “Hh-Hih…! Heh’ngXt! Nxgth! Snf…”

 He blushed, ashamed. Even though his friend didn’t notice his weird shudders, stifling his sneezes always made him really embarrassed, being in front of people or not. He sniffled, he was sure that his face and nose were as red as his coat, and his sinuses were still burning up; once he starts sneezing from dust, it’s pretty difficult to stop unless he leaves the location.

 “Herr Forehead,” While Apollo was inspecting the books and trying not to sneeze again, his companion called him from another pile of books and old documents. “Look what I’ve found.”

 “Huh? Er, a-alright,” The lawyer sniffled and rubbed slightly his red nose, approaching Klavier a bit nervous, “A dictionary? Don’t tell me it’s the first time you see one…”

 “Should I take that as sarcasm?” He winked with a mischievous smile, making Apollo’s face blush even more, “You know this room is for old books and trash, right? Well, look at the receipt at the back of this one.”

 Apollo read the numbers on it with suspicion; it was possible that the prosecutor tried to mock him again, but when he noticed the date the book was bought, he knew that he was serious, “It was bought yesterday? But why is it here?”

 “That’s the question, Herr Forehead,” He said with a serious look, wiping out the dust that covered the whole cover page up, causing a cloud of dust to come close to Apollo’s face, which put a hand on his nose to avoid an allergic reaction, “Also, why a dictionary? Maybe if we look what’s inside we’ll find something.”

 “S-sure, while you take care of it, I’ll go-hh- examine another pile,” Apollo’s breath hitched again and allergic tears formed on his eyes, so he quickly went to check the books without waiting for an answer. As soon as he got there, three sneezes emerged from him and he had to stifle them immediately. “NgXt! Heh’Ngxt! Hpxth!” and sniffled with a tiny groan. He couldn’t go on like this all day, stifling always made his nose even more itchy than before, and Klavier would notice sooner or later.

 Apollo sighed and tried to breathe through his nose, but his sinuses were stuffy and itchy, so he just frowned and resumed his investigation. He was wishing to have a tissue to blow his nose so badly that he even thought of excusing himself to exit the room, but the bathrooms were in remodeling and there probably weren’t any tissues there. The only option he had was try not to inhale too much dust, but that was impossible.

 He turned his head and found a folder on the floor covered up in dust and spider webs; however, Apollo noticed something black moving in the inside and he petrified instantly. Was there something inside the folder? Was it alive? He really wished it wasn’t, it would give him a heart attack. The defense attorney gulped with a nervous look, slowly approaching the folder, he could just call Klavier to check it together, but just thinking about that made him blush even more, so he rejected the idea.

 Apollo meticulously opened it, a bit scared of what he could find, but he didn’t see anything suspicious and grabbed it to show it to his companion, maybe there was something important in the files inside of it. But at the moment he raised the folder, a black and big spider crawled out of it and terrified the lawyer, who suppressed the urge to scream in terror.

 “A-a spider!” He squeaked out, dropping the folder, making a cloud of dust burst out in the air and alerting Klavier immediately. “Heh-Hihh-hhh… Hihh…!” Apollo’s breath hitched and shook his hand trying to push the dust away from his face, to which he flatly failed.

“Stay back, Herr Forehead!” The prosecutor took a heavy, red book and, without hesitating, smashed the spider with it. Apollo would have probably been relieved by that action, but the room was now full of dust and he couldn’t even open his eyes to properly thank Klavier, and stifling wasn’t an option now.

“Heh-Prosecut-Hiih-Huh-Hhh…! G-Ga-Hiih-vi-Hehh-Hhh…!” He tried to talk through his hitching and squeaky breathes, covering his red face to prevent the dust to get into his sinuses, but a loud sneeze was forming and everything he did to prevent it was useless. Klavier looked at him, standing after checking the spider, and his expression denoted confusion and concern while seeing his companion.

“Herr Forehead? Are you alri-“

“Heh’TSHOO!” That loud, somehow messy sneeze startled Klavier by the sudden volume, he wasn’t expecting it to be THAT loud, and neither did Apollo. But the lawyer wasn’t done, his sinuses were burning, and he couldn’t open his watery and itchy eyes, so that sneeze started an allergic fit to take place. “HIH’SHOO! HEH’TSHIEW! HEG’TSCHOO! Hehh-Hiih-Hhh…!” With his hands cupped miserably around his face, he let out his allergic spray out, unable to stop. His face and nose were bright red, but maybe half of that was because the shocked expression Klavier had while looking at him, it was embarrassing, but his hitching breathes and tears running down his cheeks made him stop thinking about that. “Heh’SCHIEW! HIH’SCHOO! HH’ETSCHOO! I-I… Hihh-hh-HEH’GSHIEW! …”

 When Apollo’s nose calmed down, he let a sigh out and wanted to take his hands out of his face, but they were messy because of the sneezing fit, so he blushed even more and wished Klavier wouldn’t notice. The prosecutor approached him quietly and took a handkerchief with The Gavinners logo out of his pocket, whispering to his companion while offering it to him, “Gesundheit, Herr Forehead.”

 The lawyer grabbed the handkerchief, unable to meet Klavier’s eyes, he was too embarrassed to even look at him, “T-Thadks…” He murmured, turning away to clean his face, a bit ashamed when he blew his nose in it. Apollo felt the prosecutor patting his back, so he squeezed his eyes and look at him.

“Why didn’t you tell me you were allergic to dust?” He gently asked, trying not to embarrass Apollo more than he already was.

“I…” He broke off, sniffling wetly and wiping his nose with his arm, trying not to blush.

 Klavier wiped a tear rolling down Apollo’s cheek, “There’s still a lot of dust in the air, let’s get out of here, the investigation is over.”

 Apollo tried to answer, but his eyes went shut in an instant and his nose began to twitch. He was going to sneeze again, “Heh-Hihh…! I-hh- have to…! Heh-uhh-Hhh-hih!” His breath hitched again and he quickly covered his nose with Klavier’s handkerchief, feeling the concerned gaze he was giving him, prepared to release the explosions, “HEH’TSCHIEW! HUH’SCHOO! HEH’GSCHIEW! Hahh-hh-hehh! HH’TSCHOO!” The sneezes were bursting out of him making his whole body shudder in response, his teary eyes itching like his nose, the prosecutor still with his hand on his back, really worried about the lawyer, “HH’SCHIEW! HHT’SCHH! HAHH’TSCHOO! Heh-hhh… Hihh…! HIH’SCHOO! Snf, ugh…” He wetly blew his nose and turned to see Klavier, looking uncomfortable, “E-excuse me… That was lou-Hehh-Hhh!” He turned his head away in an instant, not even giving the prosecutor a chance to respond, “Hih’TSHOO! HEHH’SCHIEW! …Snf, loud.”

 Klavier smiled, seeing Apollo in that state was somehow adorable, “Gesundheit, should we get out of here? I highly doubt you want to remain sneezing on the logo of my band,” He smirked trying to hold back a giggle.

 Apollo looked away, “You’re the one selling handkerchiefs with the logo of your band… A lot of your fans have allergies, you know?”

 “Do you count?” He teased, making Apollo turn his head away, frowning a bit.

“L-Let’s just get out of-Hhh- here, I feel another sneeze coming, and this time I won’t go easy on your beautiful logo,” He answered approaching the door to open it, leaving Klavier behind, who followed him with a mischievous smile.

“Well, at least we know some new facts: The dictionary was bought yesterday and you suffer from dust allergies,” The prosecutor told Apollo, mocking him, to which the lawyer didn’t even bother to answer, “Wow, you look pretty bad, do you want me to lend you some allergy medicine?”

“N-No, I’m fine, I’ll just wash my face and-” He raised the handkerchief when he felt a burn in his nose and closed his eyes, his sinuses flaring, “Hihh- W-Wait…” He waited with his pre-sneeze face to expulse the remaining dust, but nothing happened and Apollo just rubbed his nose with a tiny groan, “Ugh, false alarm.”

“You look displeased, Herr Forehead, should I help?” He asked, getting close to his friend.

“Uh, I don’t follow, help with what?”

 Klavier slowly raised his finger, despite the confused stare Apollo was giving him, and pressed the lawyer’s red nose. In less than a second, Apollo’s sinuses were itching and flaring, his eyes going shut and his breathe was hitching, so he raised the handkerchief again and tried to complain to Klavier.

 “HEH’TSCHIEW! T-That’s-HIH’RSCHOO! Snf, that’s not—! Heh-Hihh-Hhh’SCHIOO! That’s not f-f-f—HIH’TSCHOO! Fair…! HEH’SCHH!” He talked through his sneezing fit, one sneeze after another, “Huhh-hhih-hhh-HEH’TSCHIOO! Snf, ugh…”

 The prosecutor smiled, somehow apologizing through his expression, and cleaned the tears that Apollo had on his cheeks, “Is your nose better now?” He asked, getting a tiny “hmph” from Apollo as response, “Alright, let’s go, I’ll lend you some allergy medicine, you clearly need it.”

“That’s…” Apollo looked troubled for a second, but then he finally gave up and rubbed his nose, “Snf, fine…” He doubted about what he was going to say, but Klavier helped him a lot and was worried about him, so he smiled and looked at him gratefully, “Thank you, prosecutor Gavin.”

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Ahhhhhhhhhhhh I love this!!!! It turned out so well!!! I love that Apollo's just trying to get through the investigation without causing an allergy attack, but he's just failing, and Klavier just being sympathetic while also taking the opportunity to tease him about it. This is fantastic!!!! :)

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38 minutes ago, Bisexualien1996 said:

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh I love this!!!! It turned out so well!!! I love that Apollo's just trying to get through the investigation without causing an allergy attack, but he's just failing, and Klavier just being sympathetic while also taking the opportunity to tease him about it. This is fantastic!!!! :)

 Thank you! :hug:I tried to not have any kind of typos while writing it, I guess it still has some, but I'm really happy that you liked it!!

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oh Hello i'm loving thistm

i'm so here for more Klapollo/AA content here 

also nice nod to apollo's canon allergy!! >v< that moment in AJ was golden ngl

Keep up the good work my dude!!

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On 5/16/2018 at 8:50 PM, Dai said:

oh Hello i'm loving thistm

i'm so here for more Klapollo/AA content here 

also nice nod to apollo's canon allergy!! >v< that moment in AJ was golden ngl

Keep up the good work my dude!!

I'm answering late, I'm sorry ;-;

 But yeah, I basically wanted to write this since I saw that beautiful moment in AJ, and the fact that he points out the dust for making him sneeze just had me smiling like an idiot xD

 I'm so glad you liked it! I'm still learning to write in english, so your words really make me happy!

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There's just not enough AJ and I'm so happy this exists! Not just that but it's wonderfully written and a ton of fun. Thanks so much for sharing!!

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