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Allergies are bad right now


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Today at work, I got a visit from my favorite vendor rep. He’s this younger guy, full of energy, and just really fun to talk to. He is also pretty cute, with his dark brown hair and eyes, great smile, and tall and a bit lanky.

He’s been the rep for my store for about a year and a half. He stops in every month or so. Today we started off talking business, and after I asked him to see if he could snag me a polo from his company, our conversation veered off track completely. We started talking about his recent vacation, and in the middle of his fishing story, he turned to his right side, held his right arm kind of in front of his face, and bent over with a lovely sounding sneeze. I blessed him and he said, “Oh, excuse me. Allergies are terrible today.” And that led into a side discussion about the best allergy meds. All in all, fun topic for me! 😋 And then he was like, “What were we talking about before I sneezed?” And somehow I remembered he was telling me about fishing. But it was a cute observation, and my first time seeing him sneeze. Maybe his allergies will be acting up for his next visit when he brings me my shirt. 😂

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