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So I attend a martial arts school that is taught by a husband and wife duo. Yesterday the A/C went out at the school so they left the doors open. I had noticed a little before class my male instructor was sniffling a little, eyes watering a tad. I said hello, and he nodded while ducking into his office. "Ha-chiss".  A little bit into the class, they were demonstrating a self defense move, where the victim ends up headlocking the attacker. while in the headlock, a pre-sneeze look crept on his face. Barely had enough time to tap out before "Ha-chiss, ha- CHISS! Sniiff... excu-- CHENGK! me. Sniiffff" he then remained in is office the rest of class. Every so often I would hear a muffled "heh- CHISSH!" 


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