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My word count

Coffee Mug

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Hello dear staff, 

I know this is not of a major issue but I’ve noticed that my word count doesn’t update anymore? 

I’ve recently commented a story on fanfiction and opened a thread on Testing area commenting on it too. I’ve  signed out twice but it’s still frozen. 

Thanks for helping me out on this :) 

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Hi Coffee Mug, 

There are some areas of the forum where the post count doesn't increase with posts there; The Snake Pit, Fun and Games, Testing Area being the main ones. This is because we don't count these posts when assessing for validation, therefore the post counter stays the same even when these forums have been posted in. 

It should increase if you post in Fanfiction, however. Could you please try again? If it doesn't update, there may be a forum setting that needs changing. If you can try and come back to let me know. 

Thank you :)

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Hi Pudding! 

I’ve just posted a comment in the fiction section and went to check my word count; all good!

I was posting in the sextons you pointed out that don’t sum up the count and didn’t know about the rule. Yikes! Sorry 😅

Good to know as I’ve learned something new though.

Thank you for having taken time answering me :) 

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