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There's a really sweet, early 30s guy, S, in a club I'm a member of. He's tall with brown hair and rich grey eyes.

Some time ago, he came in late, and given that there weren't many seats available, ended up sitting up front (where no one else was sitting). Soon after sitting down, as someone else was speaking, I heard a loud ARRCCHHOOOO from his direction. I turned towards him, and saw him just lifting his head upwards. He seemed sheepish, but someone blessed him, and the meeting went on. But he seemed like a polite guy, so I was curious whether he sneezed so openly in a full meeting.

I finally got my chance. Last week, we were working on a smaller project together. S and I were all discussing plans and topics, and the pollen seemed to have been getting to us. Grabbing coffee before the meeting, we were chatting and walking together back to the office. I had the coffee in one hand, and my coat draped over my other arm. A tickle buzzed in my nose. A lot of people were on the street around us, so I tried to hold it, especially since I didn't have a free hand. It strengthened and I slowed down,  bent my head downwards and kinda sneezed, ARRCHOOOO, on the coats and coffee. But it wasn't done ARRCHOOOOO. I saw splotches of wetness on the black coat. S seemed nonplussed, he blessed me, and we moved on.

Later, in the meeting, S and I were talking by ourselves. Then S paused mid sentence - which I didn't think much of given how chill he is - slowly turned away from me towards an empty seat and held his hand perpendicular to his nose. Pause again, then a massive ARRRCHOOOOOOO. He turned back towards me and lightly rubbed his hand on his pants. I blessed him, he  thanked me, and we moved on.

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