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Soooo yesterday I got a little treat in church!!!


This guy in front of me (who was a cutie btw ;)) was rubbing his nose a little and sniffling here and there, honestly I didn't really think anything of it. BUT THEN!! He leaned forward and stifled 3 sneezes into his fist. They were almost silent. I'm guessing it was allergies because where I live we are in allergy season (trust me i know) anyways after a few minutes he sneezed again!! This time he couldn't hold back and let out a beautiful het'chew into his sleeve then: *sngf* the older lady next to him said bless you but he couldn't answer because he sneezed again, this one a half stifled het'xngg. I felt bad for the poor guy, he seemed miserable. The older lady then handed him a tissue which he took gratefully and thanked her. Since we were in church and he didn't want to disrupt anything he simply wiped his nose ..CONSTANTLY. which was so cuteee but like I said he was miserable. I'm sure he was just hoping service would be over already so he could blow that stuffy nose of his.

But yeah totally cute moment😊

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