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September (Blair and Jacob)


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Hey y'all! I'm continuing the fun with my OCs, Blair and Jacob. This is the story of how they met! :) Enjoy!

Part One

Jacob had been dreading this calculus class all summer break. To say that math wasn’t his strong suit would be an understatement. So when he sauntered into the lecture hall on that crisp September morning, he had fully planned on sitting in the very back row and possibly even taking a nap.


However, a glimpse of bright copper caught his eye. The sun had reflected off her hair just right—it glistened and crackled like a flame. She, of course, was sitting in the exact center of the front row. And Jacob abandoned all hope of a 9am nap because he had to be near her.


She glanced up as he claimed the seat next to her but said nothing, just sipped her iced coffee. The desk in front of her was already littered with brightly colored pens, and what appeared to be a chapter outline. She might as well have worn a name tag that said “Hi, I’m Type A.” 

Much to Jacob’s surprise, she was the first to break the silence. “Uhhtschuh! Heh-hehhtchoo!”


“Goodness, bless you,” Jacob said in the most casual tone he could manage.


Sheepishly, she looked up at him and sniffled. “Thagks.” The congestion in her voice was impossible to miss. 


Jacob smiled sympathetically. “Allergies?”

Her freckled face flushed pink. “Doh, a cold actually,” she admitted, as though she were revealing an embarrassing secret.

“Oh, no, that’s the worst.” Jacob had the sudden urge to wrap his arms around her. What was it about pretty girls and stuffy noses that brought out his protective side? Play it cool, man.

“I’m Jacob, by the way.” He stuck out a hand; she seemed to hesitate before grasping it in her smaller one. 

“I’b Blair.” She smiled, and it was all over for Jacob.



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15 hours ago, Bandit said:

Oh my god this is adorable

Thank you!! :) 

Here's part 2! I'm going to be alternating between Blair and Jacob's point of view, so this one is all Blair. I know it's a little short, but I just wanted to set the scene before I delve deeper in the next part! 

Nothing could ever compare to the beauty of a September morning in the Pacific Northwest, Blair thought to herself, listening to the crunch of her boots against the leaf-littered pavement. Though the air was fresh and cool, and a layer of dew frosted the ground, the sun poked through the trees, promising a warm afternoon. 

She sipped her iced coffee, hoping to banish some of the fog from her head. She’d woken up the day before with all of the telltale signs: headache, sore throat, extreme fatigue. Today she’d added stuffy nose to the list. It was just her luck to catch a cold on the first day of the term. 

Not that a little cold was going to stop Blair. No way. This was her chance to start over, and she wasn’t going to let anything get in the way of her success. Not even—

“Hehhh-hehtchew! HIH-tchew!” The sneezes tore through her scratchy throat; this cold was already threatening to be a bad one. Making a mental note to pick up some tissues at the store later, Blair pulled open the door to her first class of the day: calculus. 

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On 5/15/2018 at 2:34 PM, Puzzle said:

Thsi is beautiful!!! Please continue :D


23 hours ago, ebay34 said:

Wow this is awesome, I do hope you continue this! :) 


23 hours ago, elements said:

Yes! Love these two! :)


18 hours ago, M214186 said:

Blair and Jacob I 😍 

AWWW you guys!!! I'm so glad y'all love these two as much as I do! I'm definitely planning on writing many more fics with these two <3 Here's part 3! :)

Part 3

Two days had passed, and Jacob was eager for calculus—or rather, to see a certain redhead. The clouds had rolled in to begin the eight month long rainy season and proclaim the end of summer, and he couldn’t help but worry about Blair and her cold.  Hadn’t it been September when Grace first became sick?

Yes, it had. She’d come home from her first day of kindergarten with a cough; Jacob hadn’t thought anything of it.

“Kindergarten baaa-by! Kindergarten baaa-by!” He could still see her bright eyes flashing, her little jaw clenched in disdain as he taunted her. The memory was burned behind his eyelids. As though he had somehow known that was the beginning of the end.

Pushing the thought from his mind, Jacob’s eyes found Blair in her usual seat. She sat slightly slumped in her chair, her chin propped up in one hand, her eyes closed and mouth agape comically.

“Good morning, Blair.” Her eyes snapped open, and she met his gaze with a weary smile.

“Good bordig!” Despite her cheerful tone, her voice was husky. 

 “How’s the cold treating you?” 

 “It’s dot so bad.” Blair swiped a finger under her nose and sniffled, clearly embarrassed. Her shyness just made her that much more endearing. Jacob decided not to call her bluff, and instead pretended that she had convinced him with her brave face. 

“Well, I’m glad to hear that. With the rain and everything, I was worried…” Now it was Jacob’s turn to be embarrassed. Feeling her curious eyes on him, he focused all of his attention on carefully opening his backpack and silently cursed himself. Nice going, asshole. Now she’s going to think you’re some obsessive freak.

 “Aw, that’s really sweet. But I’b seriously fide. Doh deed to worry.” Blair beamed, restoring Jacob’s confidence. “It’s really…hehhh…” Her lashes fluttered helplessly. “Hehh—tschuhhh! Hiiihhhtsch-uhhh!” 

“Bless you!” 

 “Ugh, thagk you.” Blair sniffled delicately, turning her attention to the professor as he began the lecture.

Jacob pretended to listen while really stealing glances at Blair. Her handwritten notes were extensive and…were they color coded?! She never broke focus, except to dab at her pink, chapped nose. She kept her eyes trained on the board, but her blushing revealed her self-consciousness. There’s no need to be embarrassed, Jacob wanted to tell her. You’re still the most enchanting person I’ve ever seen. 

Maybe it was his imagination, but she seemed to worsen in that short hour. Every cough made his heart pang. He imagined wrapping her in a blanket, holding her in his lap, stroking her ginger curls while she slept…how she would smile when he kissed her too-warm forehead…He imagined laying with her like that until their hearts found each other and began to beat in sync.

 Jacob was pulled from his daydream when Blair stood up—class was over. He hadn’t taken a single note. Oops.



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I love these two <3 they have a pretty good chemistry  ;)

Also I hope maybe Jacob will catch what she's got!!

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On 5/16/2018 at 4:42 PM, ebay34 said:

These two are just so cute together. :) 

Thank you!!!

On 5/16/2018 at 7:17 PM, M214186 said:


Thank you!!!

On 5/16/2018 at 7:58 PM, Puzzle said:

I love these two <3 they have a pretty good chemistry  ;)

Also I hope maybe Jacob will catch what she's got!!

I definitely have plans for poor Jacob in the works ;) Here's Part 4!! We're back to Blair again. TRIGGER WARNING: depression (briefly mentioned)

Part 4

Blair awoke that morning feeling even more exhausted than she had before she’d gone to sleep. Pulling the electric blanket up to her chin, she took inventory of her symptoms: Headache? Check. Congestion? Check. Sore throat? She cleared her throat, discovering that the scratchy soreness had been replaced with a thick layer of phlegm that threatened to block her airway. Well, fuck.

The tickle in her throat demanded her attention, and she gave in to a coughing fit, fumbling with the water bottle next to her bed. Though she emptied the bottle in her desperation to quiet her cough, the persistent tickle refused to give way. Blair knew she’d be fighting the urge to cough all day.

Fuck it, I’m not going to class today. She burrowed deeper into the blankets and closed her eyes, but it was no use. The familiar anxiety wove its way between her dreamy thoughts and settled in the front of her mind. Don’t you remember what happens when you don’t go to class? The anxiety sneered at her. Remember this?

Staring at the ceiling without seeing, her eyes burning, unable to hold them open for a second longer but somehow unable to close them and sleep. Her stomach ached; how long had it been since she’d eaten? Too tired. She finally closed her eyes and let the darkness take her, let herself forget the emptiness.

Sighing, Blair pushed her aching body to a sitting position. Staying home was out of the question. She was not going to get that bad again.   

Today was going to be a six-cups-of-coffee kind of day, so Blair decided to stop by her favorite coffee chain before class.

“Hey, Blair!” The perky blonde barista waved at her. “Do you want the usual?”

“Hey, cad I actually get it hot today, add two extra shots?”

“Yeah, for sure! It’ll just be $5.25.” Blonde Barista frowned at her animatedly as Blair pulled out her wallet. “You okay, hon?” 

Blair’s cheeks burned. Please, God, don’t call attention to me right now. “Yeah, I’b fide. Just getting over a cold.” She knew her face must be beet-red at this point—the only thing she hated more than being sick in public was having someone comment on her sickness in public.

“Aw, feel better, girl!” Blair smiled and waved at her while making a beeline for the door. She had to make it out before—

“HIITSCH-oooo! Ehhhtchuuuhhh!” She sneezed, leaving her sleeve damp. Ugh. All she wanted to do was hide under the covers until she no longer felt like a disgusting germ factory.

As usual, Blair was ten minutes early to calculus. Normally she’d use this time to go over her chapter outline, but she could barely keep her eyes open. A little nap couldn’t hurt…

“Good morning, Blair.” Blair’s half-sleep was interrupted by a familiar tenor voice. Jacob stood beside her, wearing his signature crooked smile.

“Good bordig!” Shit, is that what my voice sounds like? I’m disgusting. Maybe he didn’t notice?

“How’s the cold treating you?” No such luck.

“It’s dot so bad,” Blair lied. Of course, her nose picked that exact moment to torture her. She rubbed at it, willing the tickle to go away. Please, God, don’t let me be gross in front of this hot guy.

“Well, I’m glad to hear that. With the rain and everything, I was worried…” Jacob didn’t meet her eyes, and she watched incredulously as his cheeks flushed to match hers. Butterflies erupted in Blair’s stomach—he’d been thinking of me??

“Aw, that’s really sweet. But I’b seriously fide. Doh deed to worry.” She couldn’t help but smile—until the torturous tickle returned. Oh, God. Not now. She struggled against the building sneezes as Jacob watched. “It’s really…hehhh…Hehh—tschuhhh! Hiiihhhtsch-uhhh!”

“Bless you!” Blair’s cheeks burned; she stole a glance to her left. Jacob was smiling at her, looking…amused, maybe? But he wasn’t cringing or running away, so that was a good sign, right?

“Ugh, thagk you.” Blair longed to continue talking to the tall heartthrob beside her, but her throat tickled, and she knew if she used her voice, she would have to cough. So she sat in silence, pretending to pay attention to the lecture, all the while daydreaming about her warm bed, and the man to her left. 

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Man I love the jump back and forth between characters. This is so well written, please continue :D 

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On 5/18/2018 at 6:19 AM, ebay34 said:

Man I love the jump back and forth between characters. This is so well written, please continue :D 

Thank you!! I wasn't sure how it would go writing it that way so the feedback is awesome:)


17 hours ago, M214186 said:

Awww so nice

thank you!! I'm so glad you enjoy:) Here's part 5!!

That Friday, as Jacob walked into his now-favorite class, he could hear Blair’s coughing echo through the hallway.

“Shit, are you okay?” She looked like a porcelain doll with her see-through skin and glassy, distant eyes—beautiful and lifeless.

“Yeah, it’s just—“ she paused, coughing wetly into her sleeve. “Fuck, sorry. This goddab cold.” Anxiety twisted Jacob’s chest as Grace’s face flashed in his mind: shivering in her winter coat in the waiting room, her pudgy pink hands clutching her stuffed bear. She coughed and coughed and it didn’t sound like his baby sister. Grace wasn’t scared yet; she was too young to know how sick she was, but Jacob was old enough. He’d heard his parents whispering in the night, heard them say the word: cancer. 

“I hate to be the one to tell you this, but I think this might be worse than the sniffles,” Jacob joked, hoping she hadn’t seen his expression change. Stop it. This isn’t the same.  

“I’b fide.” Blair smiled, revealing chattering teeth.

Without thinking, Jacob reached out and placed the back of his hand to her forehead. It was too hot, even against his warm skin. Her eyes widened in surprise, and Jacob pulled away. Did I go too far?

“Blair, you have a fever. I really think you should be in bed.” He felt the words leaving his lips before he could stop them. Taken aback, Blair looked at him as though he had just suggested she chop off her own ear.

 “I can’t biss class,” she insisted. Her defiant expression, the way she set her jaw: it was just like Grace. The permanent ache in his stomach screamed with longing. Focus, Jacob. But I miss her. You always miss her; just focus for now.

“Hey, it’s okay. I’ll catch you up on whatever you miss.” Maybe it was her resemblance to his sister, but for some reason, he felt urgently that she needed to rest. Jacob watched as Blair considered his offer. Poor thing, she looks so tired. 

“Okay, will you take really good dotes? Dod’t just copy the lecture slides, you probise?”

“I promise,” Jacob chuckled.  As she gathered her things, a thought occurred to him. “Are you walking home?” She nodded. “It’s raining—let me drive you.”

Blair shook her head vehemently. “Doh, who’s godda take dotes if we both leave?”

Jacob groaned at her stubbornness. “Of course, you’re right. Force me to stay in class and pay attention, why don’t you.” That earned a chuckle from the redhead; it was followed by a short coughing fit.  “At least take my jacket so you don’t get pneumonia or something.” She looked as though she were going to refuse, but to Jacob’s surprise, she allowed him to drape the jacket over her shoulders. It hung loosely on her small frame in the most endearing way.

“Feel better, Blair.” He watched as she trudged off, both of them wondering why he was so concerned for a girl he had just met.

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This is just so sweet. I love all of the mixed feelings with Jacob. He's so caring and Blair is so stubborn.

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On 5/19/2018 at 1:30 PM, ebay34 said:

This is just so sweet. I love all of the mixed feelings with Jacob. He's so caring and Blair is so stubborn.

It makes me so happy to see that you understand them the way I do!! Sometimes I worry that Blair comes off as insensitive, but hopefully this next part will shed some light on that aspect of her.


On 5/19/2018 at 6:43 PM, M214186 said:

Oh I am just loving this so much......

I'm so glad!!!!

Sorry this last update took a fat minute, but I think I finally got this next part just right!!

Part 6

Blair couldn’t remember waking up or walking to school, but somehow she made it to calculus that rainy Friday morning. She’d gone to bed early the night before, hoping that she’d wake up to find herself cured, but this cold clung to her, squeezing her lungs til they ached. What she would give to be back at home, asleep in her warm bed.


“Shit, are you okay?” His words pulled Blair from her daydream. She hadn’t heard him walk in, but there Jacob was, towering over her. Had he always been so tall? For a fleeting moment she felt relief at the sight of him.

 “Yeah, it’s just—“ The words caught in her throat and she choked on her own breath, triggering a coughing fit. “Fuck, sorry. This goddab cold.” She knew vaguely that she should be embarrassed, but her brain was too foggy to care.

“I hate to be the one to tell you this, but I think this might be worse than the sniffles.” Jacob’s expression was unreadable. Oh, shit, Blair thought. He’s probably scared he’ll catch the plague from me.

 “I’b fide,” Blair lied, but a chill ran through her feverish body, and she couldn’t hold back the shivers. 

To her surprise, Jacob leaned over and placed a hand gently on her forehead. His cool skin felt heavenly; she gave an involuntary sigh, but his hand was gone almost as soon as she felt it.

  “Blair, you have a fever. I really think you should be in bed.” Jacob’s frown was sincere, and…concerned? 

  “I can’t biss class,” she replied reflexively. Her thoughts felt very faraway, as though she were reading them from a book without comprehension. Wait, I want to go home. Why can’t I go home?

“Hey, it’s okay. I’ll catch you up on whatever you miss.” She figured he was just saying that--after all, who would use their free time re-teaching the lecture to someone they barely knew?—but something in his face assured her that Jacob would keep his word.

“Okay, will you take really good dotes? Dod’t just copy the lecture slides, you probise?” 

 “I promise.” Jacob chuckled at her, causing her cheeks to flush. Despite her embarrassment, she felt strangely triumphant at the idea that she had made him laugh. The sound of it made her feel warm; but maybe it was just the fever.

Blair was mentally preparing herself for the cold walk home when Jacob’s voice interrupted her thoughts. “Are you walking home?” Is he a mindreader? She nodded. “It’s raining—let me drive you.” 

 His selflessness made her uncomfortable. Maybe it was the cynic in her, or past experience, but Blair innately distrusted anyone who was kind past the requirements of politeness.  “Doh, who’s godda take dotes if we both leave?”

“Of course, you’re right. Force me to stay in class and pay attention, why don’t you.” Blair giggled, relieved. He just wants an excuse to skip class. 

“At least take my jacket so you don’t get pneumonia or something.” Blair hesitated—there he went with the intense chivalry again—but there was something so innocent about him, his arm outstretched, inviting eyes meeting her gaze. She was sure no one had denied those eyes before. He possessed the purity of someone who had never been hurt, never been taken advantage of. 

And so she willed herself to be vulnerable for just a moment, and allowed him to wrap her in his warmth. 


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Awwe Jacob is such a wonderful person! Maybe when he catches the sneezy goodness, he'll be stubborn and try to hide it from Blair so she doesn't feel worse about herself because she got him sick.

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On 6/1/2018 at 6:08 AM, ebay34 said:

Another amazing update! How do you do it?

I put my bra on one boob at a time -Tina Belcher (just kidding I don't wear a bra fun fact it's better for your boobs AND it makes misogynists very angry)

On 6/1/2018 at 10:47 AM, Puzzle said:

Awwe Jacob is such a wonderful person! Maybe when he catches the sneezy goodness, he'll be stubborn and try to hide it from Blair so she doesn't feel worse about herself because she got him sick.

You read my mind ;) 


On 6/1/2018 at 8:24 PM, M214186 said:

I am so glad you are continuing this. Thanks

Of course!! Thank YOU for reading it!

This is the second to last update but it's a long one!! Don't worry, I already have some ideas brewing for my next Jacob/Blair story.

Part 7

The next day, Jacob scanned the text from Blair for the hundredth time.

 “Thank you so much for taking notes yesterday, I owe you one. Do you have time later to meet up?” 

 She’d suggested they meet at the library, but he insisted he didn’t mind coming to her—after all, she clearly needed some rest. And that was how he found himself at her front door, trying to find the courage to knock. Do people even knock anymore? Should I just text her or is that rude? Why am I overthinking this so much?

His thumbs typed a quick message—I’m here :)—and Jacob stopped breathing as he waited for the door to open. He heard her muffled coughing and gentle footsteps approaching, but somehow his heartbeat was the loudest of them all.

 Blair answered the door with a blanket draped around her shoulders, a few messy auburn curls poking out around her face.

 “Hey, Jacob.” Her voice was barely a whisper, her smile almost apologetic. 

“How are you feeling?” Jacob’s voice nearly cracked on the last syllable; he cleared his throat hastily, praying she hadn’t noticed.

She hadn’t. She was looking upwards with a dazed expression, lips parted. What is she doing?

“Hih-hehtschuhh!! Uh-hetsschhh!” Blair turned suddenly, nearly whipping him with that bright copper hair, and sneezed into her shoulder. 


Bless you!” Jacob suppressed a nervous giggle. Why is everything she does so adorable? Can’t I have one minute of peace?

“Thagks, sorry, I’b fide. Ready for sobe calculus?” Blair’s raspy voice dripped with false enthusiasm. 

“Ready as I’ll ever be,” he deadpanned.


As they went over his lecture notes, Jacob found himself wishing he had any sort of artistic talent. Blair looked so…regal,so purposeful, scribbling in her notebook, absentmindedly dabbing at her slightly upturned nose. He wanted to capture her intensity so that he could lose himself the way she did. 

Jacob was pulled from his musings when the subject of his infatuation began to cough. He panicked at the rattling sound her chest made, but she kept her face turned away from him, and then he was rummaging through her cabinets, shaky hands searching, and finally offering her a glass of water. She gulped it down, still sputtering, until her breathing stabilized and she met his anxious gaze with watery, exhausted eyes.


“Hey, do you want to take a break?” Jacob asked. Blair shook her head furiously but remained silent.

 “Are you sure? I’m kind of hungry. I could go pick up some soup for us, or—“ He stopped when he saw the tears forming in her hazel eyes. 

 “I’b sorry,” Blair croaked, hastily wiping her eyes. “This is so embarrassing.”

 “What’s wrong?” Jacob did his best to mask his panic, but his mind was racing. Why is she crying? What did I do wrong? Fuck fuck fu--


Her bottom lip quivered. “I’b just tired add I feel like shit and I’b worried I’b already behind id this—hehh—claaass—aaahhhtschoo! Hiiihhtsschh-uhhh! God dab it,” she wailed. Jacob felt relief and despair all at once—she was miserable, but at least he could try to help. He’d gotten very good at playing nurse with Grace. 

Okay, take inventory. He scanned her up and down: too pale, red, chapped nose, and despite the blanket wrapped around her small frame, she was shivering. Okay, fever. That takes priority.

 “Hey, have you taken anything for your fever?” Blair’s eyes widened in surprise, but she nodded miserably. “Hold still.” Jacob leaned across the table and placed the back of his hand against her flushed cheek. “Have you gone to the doctor?”

 “Doh, it’s just a cold,” Blair responded defensively, but a deep, chesty cough gave her away.


“I really don’t—“ Jacob stopped in his tracks when Blair shot him a death glare. “Well, I think you should take a break and at least try to rest.” His suggestion was met with silence. “Come on, let’s watch a movie, and then we can tackle those notes.” Or hopefully you’ll fall asleep and actually take a break.

 Jacob watched as Blair lay down on the couch, all of the fight leaving her body. “How do you feel about Disney?” he asked, taking a random stab at what she might like.

“Yes, please.” Her sleepy smile replaced the worry lines. “Cobe here.” Blair pushed herself to a seated position and patted the seat next to her, and Jacob’s heart skipped a beat. 

They sat like that for a while, in silence, save for Blair’s coughing. Jacob listened as her labored breathing slowed; a glance in her direction told him she was drifting off.

 “Hey,” he whispered—startled, Blair opened her eyes. 

“Sorry, I didn’t bead to fall asleep.”

 “No, I was just gonna say you should lie down. I can go sit over—oh.” Blair’s head now rested in his lap. Tentatively, he smoothed a few loose strands away from her face. She sighed contentedly. 

 After a few minutes, she began to snore, and Jacob let out a sigh of relief.

He sat like that through the entire movie, terrified of waking her. Sometime during the closing credits, Blair began to stir, whimpering in her sleep.

 “Are you okay?” 

 “I don’t feel good,” she whined. If she wasn’t so sick, Jacob would have laughed at how adorable she sounded. Instead, he touched her forehead—her fever hadn’t let up.

“Do you want some ibuprofen? No, don’t get up—just tell me where it is and I’ll grab it.” 

Blair flopped back down onto the couch and pointed. “Kitchen,” she said weakly. “It should be on the counter.” 

Jacob winced at the sound of her coughing as he rummaged around. Somehow her kitchen was just how he would have imagined it—sparkling white counters, cabinets, and appliances. Even the coffee maker and crock pot were an identical shade of sterile white. So put together, so pure. Just like the woman who lives here.

Blair propped herself up on one elbow when she saw Jacob walk into the room. “Thank you,” she croaked, taking the glass of water and pills gratefully. 

An awkward silence crept through the room like fog; the absence of noise from the TV was very noticeable now. Blair inhaled as though she were going to speak, but the breath caught in her throat and she coughed harshly. Her cheeks flushed under Jacob’s gaze; he looked away, his own cheeks coloring as well. 

“Thagk you so buch for… helping be out,” Blair said finally, her voice husky. Jacob thought she sounded seductive, alluring, as though her near-whisper was meant only for him. He quickly banished the thought from his mind. She’s kicking you out, he thought. She just wanted class notes and you’ve overstayed your welcome. Nice going, idiot.

“Of course.” Jacob beamed at her halfheartedly, dismayed by what he was about to say: “Well, I should probably let you get some rest.” 

Was it his imagination, or did Blair’s porcelain face fall just slightly? 

“Oh, yeah,” she mumbled distractedly. Seeming to recover, she met his gaze with a mischievous smirk and said, “I hope I didn’t bake you late for a hot date or sobething.” 

Jacob could only hope he hadn’t imagined the glimmer of hope in her statement. Is she flirting with me? Stay cool, Jake.

“Yeah, hot date with a cold beer and my couch,” he laughed. The stoic redhead flashed a dimpled smile, and his heart skipped a beat. 

“You doh, I have beer add a couch here if you wadted to stay,” Blair offered shyly. “If you cad’t it’s—“

Jacob interrupted to give her a taste of her own medicine: “Won’t your boyfriend be jealous?”

“Oh, Spencer add I have ad oped relationship,” she deadpanned, giggling as Jacob balked. “Spencer is by cat.”

“So what I’m hearing is that you’re a crazy cat lady, and I should start running—ow!” He rubbed his arm where Blair had punched him. “Damn, you’re strong for someone on her deathbed.”

A smile danced on Blair's lips, but it died quickly, and she looked at him, brow furrowed. "Aren't you worried I'b godda get you sick? I bead, I wadt you to stay. But I'b also pretty gross and probably contagious so I would understand if..." She trailed off, biting her lip, clearly anxious. That was the first moment it dawned on Jake that this perfect, flawless creature could ever be self-conscious.

"Okay. Blair. First of all, you are NOT gross. And I never get sick, so don't worry your pretty little head about me." The smile returned to Blair's lips. "I'm staying." 

The pair smiled at each other, glowing in the innocence of their budding relationship, until Blair scrunched up her petite nose.

“Hehh-hehhktschuuhhh! Hitcheeew!” 


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