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Sooooo I'm in love with my new doctor. I was supposed to have my first appointment with him yesterday, but the clinic called me to reschedule because he was out sick, so my appointment got moved to today. There's some cold going around my area, so I figured it was probably that, and I don't know why but I assumed he'd be like a million years old and I wouldn't be attracted to him, maybe just mildly uncomfortable if he had cold symptoms.

But ohhhh boy. When he walked into the room today, my heart DROPPED OUT OF MY BUTT. He looks like a model. There's no way he's older than 30. He's about 6'0, freaking BUILT, a few tasteful tats on his right arm, brown hair and soft brown eyes. He walked into the room and introduced himself by first name instead of "Dr ---" in the most delicious cold voice I've ever heard. He asked how I was, I asked how he was, and he said "hanging in there," and sounded so exhausted and adorable I thought my heart might explode. I was tempted to say something about how I was supposed to see him yesterday but heard he was sick, but was too chicken. 

Unfortunately, he didn't sneeze during the visit, but sniffled frequently and cleared his throat a few times. (In hindsight if he had sneezed, I probably would have literally melted into a puddle on the floor). 

I might have to visit him more frequently.... 

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wow.........:notworthy:ummmmmmmmmmmm quick question. Where do you go? I NEED THAT DOCTOR!!!!!!!!!!!


lol jk. I dont want to get in trouble with the admins.

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O.M.G! Can he be my doctor please??!! LOL! Maybe there will be another obs in your future! 

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