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A question about the new limit on registration age


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First of all I apologize if this isn't the right place to talk about it - the announcement said to comment in the appropriate place but I can't find any section of this forum that would house a conversation like that. If I'm overlooking something please let me know.

So, my question. I don't go on this site that much and don't interact much so the change took me totally by surprise. Was there that big a problem with pedophiles on this site? I'd like the change better if there was maybe a section specifically for young people to ask questions about their fetish, or if all new young people registering were only allowed on the youth board, or something that didn't exclude new young members completely. But I recognize that people who make this forum their home, rather than just an occasional spot to visit like I do, have more of a feel for what this community needs. But I'm still pretty worried by the idea that people taking advantage of minors was such a big problem here and I didn't ever notice it. Would anyone be ok briefly telling me what went down, or directing me to wherever people are/were talking about it? 

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