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Aizawa (BNHA)


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Hey y'all! I've been super busy with life but I've been keeping up with boku no hero academia and, of course, I'm in love Aizawa. I've been wanting to draw more for the forum but all I have at the moment is my older shitty tablet and a bootleg version of photoshop so... please excuse the sloppiness.


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Ooh! :drool:

 I mean, I need to keep watching BnH (I stopped at episode 40 or something...) but this is beautiful! His red nose and his mask, you draw too well, I love it!

(also, you made him look even more hot than he already was, ehem...)

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Oh NO, lookitim. AAA. SO exhausted and done with it all. And that supreme gesture of fatigue with the fist against the mask. GOODNESS. Beautiful. I can't stop looking at this. And I, too, love his hair. Hohh, this is fantastic.

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holy crap! Yuurei I LOVE all of your artwork! I get excited every time I see a post of yours that I haven't seen before! Keep up the good work my dude!

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Oh man, these are great. Aizawa's my fave and you drew him so well - looking so tired and rumpled all the time, how can anyone resist making him the subject of sick fic/art!

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