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Irony: A Sick Healthcare Worker (No Sneezing)


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I am disabled and, as a result, I have health care workers come in to assist me with things. Awhile ago, one of them had a cold.

She’s short and thin, with tattoos covering parts of her arms, and long hair down to her tailbone. She has a tall, thin nose with small nostrils.

While she was here, she wore a mask, which she (jokingly) complained about the entire time, we get along really well. She sounded highly congested and stuffed up, “I’b dyiiiig. Id’s hard enough to breathe widout dis righd now, dis is not helbig!”.

Unfortunately, she did not sneeze or blow her nose. The closest she had gotten to sneezing was saying thar she had one stuck in the bridge of her nose. However, she was constantly sniffling, as well as wet coughing and clearing her throat. I nearly said to her, “It’s alright, I don’t mind if you blow your nose, I won’t be grossed out.” simply because I felt bad for her.

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