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Boyfriend's Induced Obs


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My boyfriend was lying in bed with me sat on top of him, my thighs either side of his hips. I was inducing his sneezes as he looked up at me.

With an incredibly sneezy face, he began to breathe quickly, taking deeper breaths that sounded closer to sneezing each time. He inhaled sharply, eyes shut tightly and his lips parted... "HhahhCHOO" he does his eyes for less than a second before his breath was taken away again, "heh...hutxcSHEw". As his eyes reopened he looked at me with wet lips and an expression so innocent that my body almost fell into his, but before I could think about that he looked up at me again, desperately breathing, "hehhhtSHEW".
The last sneeze forced him to lean forward, his hair brushing my neck as he did so. I felt the spray of his sneeze on my neck and chest, before he leaned back once more and I continued to induce more.

His breathing became heavy and strained, before I moved away and awaited his sneeze, however he looked at me in annoyance as I realised he wasn't going to. For a few moments I felt so desperate for him to sneeze that I almost willed it to happen, but he gripped onto my forearm and suddenly sneezed to one side "hUtCHOO". He looked up, smug, as though he was glad to have teased me for a few moments.

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