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I've been pretty sneezy today... My allergies seem to be getting worse every year because I don't think I've ever had allergies this late in the summer (it's basically fall already where I live). Anyways, I'm the kind of person who's sneezes usually sound pretty similar to one another. Today is apparently the exception to that rule because every sneeze has been totally different from my usual sneezes and completely different from one another; it's so weird! 

Usually most of the volume from my sneezes comes from the sneeze itself (rather than the vocalization), but I had one that was totally involunarily like AHHHHH-ktsch-OOO where the first part was pretty loud, girly and drawn out. I had another one that seemed to totally come from my nose (usually it's a nose/throat combo with less of a nasally sound) that was like ehh-TSHHH-ew and was super wet by my standards. There was also one stifled one that made sort of a nasally congested sound rather that my usual silent stifle or a quiet "mmpft" sound. The last noteable one was a long, drawn out, one-syllable AAAAHISHEW (I suck at spelling sneezes...) that sounded like nothing that had ever come out of me. It felt absolutely amazing. I thought it was super odd so I thought I'd share.  

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