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“Oh great, a cold” said Sophie aloud as she woke up. She was a hairdresser, and she had had a sore throat since Thursday but she had thought little of it over the last two days. Her boss had been working through a cold for the last three days and had no doubt spread it around the salon. “ASHOO!!” she sneezed into her hands. It was confirmed. Sophie had caught a cold. Her nose was blocked, and this sneeze had just shown her that it was also pretty runny. SNNRFF. 
“Want a hanky, Soph?” asked Matt, her husband.
“Do, I’b fide”, she replied. “SNNFFF- ASHOO!!- SNNRRFF”.
Sophie hated colds, obviously she wasn’t a fan of being sick but she had a special dislike for head colds as she hated blowing her nose.
“You sound pretty clogged up, babe”.
“I kdow, I’b sick. But if I start blowig by dose I wod’t be able to stop- HESHOO!!- so I’b just dot goig to, SNNRFFF”. She wiped her nose on the neckline of her pajama top.

“HUH-RESH!!” Sophie turned quickly away from her client and sneezed towards the ground before getting back to her haircut. SNNRFFF
“You sound pretty sick”, the client commented. She was a brunette lady in her mid-late twenties.
“I’b okay”, Sophie replied. “Ode of the other girls caught sobethig off her roobbate ad spread it to the rest of us pretty quick”.
“Ahh-Tish!” sneezed Katrina into her hands. She, luckily, was currently between clients and not as sick as Sophie but was definitely coming down with it as well.
“Looks like I won’t be leaving in perfect health”, the client said.
“Sorry if we get you sick SNNFF”, said Sophie.
“Don’t be”, the client responded. “I work as a school teacher anyway so if it wasn’t this week I got sick, it would be next. Just a part of life when you’re surrounded by people with no notion that they should cover sneezes or coughs”.
“Primary age kids?”
“No, senior high school”. 
Sophie laughed, sniffing at her snotty nose

Later during another hair cut, the last of the day, Sophie had to put down her stuff and cover her nose with her hands as she felt a sudden tickle. “HUH-RESH!! RESH!! ESHOO!! RESHOO!!” There was no arguing with those sneezes, they had been big, messy and very uncontrollable. Sophie pulled her hands away from her face, wiping them on her jeans and giving her nose a big, gurgly sniff. “Sorry”, she said afterwards, getting back to the client and his haircut. 
As she made her way home, the sneezes got more regular, “HURRESH!! RESH!! ASHOO!!” Sophie sneezed into her hands, messy and uncontrollable. She pulled open her handbag, looking for a hidden hanky in there for the third time that hour. SNNFFF, I should've taked ode like Matt said, she thought. As buch as I hate blowig by dose I really desperately deed to SNNRRRFF. She had one hand permanently over her face the rest of the way home. The second she was inside, she ripped open the drawer, grabbed one of her husband's handkerchiefs, a blue/grey bordered one, put it to her nose, sunk down onto the bed and gave her nose the big, snotty blow it had needed for about the last six hours. 

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Oh wow.. loving the description of the blows and also the handkerchief too. Please continue

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