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I'm relatively new to the forum and I seriously struggle with sneeze spellings. Does anyone have any advice on how to acquire this skill so many of you seem to have mastered? I want my obs to be as accurate as possible and it's frustrating when I just can't seem to find the right letter sequence to describe the sneeze that I'm trying to share. I especially struggle with spelling out my own... I wish another fetishist could hear me sneeze so they could just tell me how to spell them😂

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The secret for me was just to listen to a lot of different sneezes.  Pick out the sounds you prefer, or the sounds you like for your characters, and then experiment with different vowels.   H's and "sh" go well with soft or breathy sneezes, because there's not a lot of voice behind them, just a lot of air.  On the other hand, I like to put in a lot of consonants if the sneeze is very congested.  Adding N's works for a nasal sound, and you can always add a "chu" or "chiu" for a cute-sounding sneeze.  Then just read a lot of obs or stories until you start to see patterns.


Hih- hitsch!

Hngtxch!  Huh- tchxngt!

Eschtchiu!  Aetschiu!

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