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New Bewitched series and Sneezing in modern TV


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Hey guys!

So, recently there was an announcement that the old TV show Bewitched was going to be rebooted, with the new theme being around a black single-mother witch called Sam who falls for white guy called Darrin! (Btw if you are wondering I am perfectly fine and really curious about the new theme of this series and don't want this thread to turn into anything nasty with regards to that, so please don't post anything of that nature as that is not what this thread is going to be about.) So, in the old Bewitched series, sneezing played a fairly large part in it. Sam sneezed several times, she made others sneeze at least once and there was even a witch who's uncontrolled sneezes caused havok! The very first episode of the series is one of my favourites as it involves Sam making a fool of Nancy Kovack's character Sheila by doing various things, including making her sneeze! Which was actually pretty funny!

So, with that in mind, do you guys think there will be any sneezing in this show at all? I mean that, in those days, especially in comedy's, sneezing was fairly prevelant, but in modern TV sneezing seems to be fairly uncommon, and it certainly isn't used as much as it used to be, and since sneezing was such a big part of the original Bewitched series do you guys think it will be as prevelant in the new series? I mean, Sam would twitch her nose to make magic happen so sneezing seemed a fairly logical way to have something funny happen with her magic and the same logic would apply to this show. I will still check it out regardless but would be a bit dissapointed if there was no sneezing in the show.

And also, kind of a side question, why do you guys think that sneezing has become less common in TV shows than it used to be? It used to be such a huge comedy gimmick and always seemed to get laughs in the shows, is it that people today just don't find sneezes funny anymore? Do people find them grosser than people used to? Or, probably my biggest fear, and kinda wondering into tin-foil hat country here but, could knowledge of our fetish be more prevalent than we realise and producers are limiting the amount of sneezes in shows because they know there are people out there who would get a sexual rush from it and they want to steer away from that? I told you it was tin-foil hat time! lol

Anyway, I look forward to hearing other peoples thoughts on this, still curious and a little excited to check out the show when it comes out, hopefully it's good :)

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