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Messy cold (warning mess)


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So I recently caught a cold from someone at work (pretty sure I know the exact moment I caught it as someone who was admittedly sick let out a huge partially uncovered messy double sneeze right next to me on Monday afternoon) and sure enough Thursday morning I woke up with a sore throat.

As Thursday progressed my glands swelled up, my head and muscles started to hurt and I started feeling really run down. By Thursday night I had a fever which had me tossing and turning all night.

 Luckily my fever broke by the morning and the sore throat waned and made way for the nasal symptoms. I went to work Friday feeling very sniffly. We had a 2 hour staff meeting during which I sniffled the whole time as well as sneezed three singles about 10 minutes apart. I stifled the first one, but it hurt my head so the next 2 I let out freely into my elbow. Several people blessed me and after the meeting said I looked sick and to use the 3 day weekend to get some rest.

Today I woke up feeling less achy and run down than the previous 2 days, but my nasal symptoms were considerably worse. I'm soooooo congested and sneezing every 15 minutes or so. Every time I sneeze it is very messy. I took a couple pics immediately post sneeze before blowing (very messy you've been warned!). As you can see my nose is very pink and chapped from all the blowing I've been doing today. I've been drinking tea with cayenne to loosen the congestion and it's making me sneeze like crazy! 




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