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My first sneeze recording! (M)


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Hi everyone! I'm too shy to make my own youtube channel, but I recorded a short audio clip of me sneezing twice. They're induced since I actually don't sneeze that much naturally. I figured there were few male recordings in a sea of female recordings.


If y'all like these I might consider doing more 😳 I just get nervous about someone finding these and recognizing my voice

I hope this isn't violating SFF rules since I'm still a pending member...


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ksajndkjsans :drool:

 Can I say that I LOVE how you apologize after each sneeze? It's so cute! And I wasn't expecting a talkie, that makes this twice as better!

 Ok, but leaving my fangirl nature aside, I'm impressed that you had enough courage to share your first wav, if I tried to do that I'd be too embarrassed to share it :lol:

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