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Who do you try to emulate in your life?


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Is there any person (fictional or otherwise) who you really respect? Anyone who's outlook you try to emulate or keep in mind in your life?

This might sound like a joke but I genuinely admire the acceptance, love, and open mindedness of Danny DeVito. Plus he's funny as hell. Who doesn't love DeVito?

And when I need some motivation or perseverance I think of my friends who have been through so much but are taking steps to get help they need and become happier better people and I just feel so much pride! They can do whatever they put their mind to and so can I!

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Danny DeVito is SUCH a good answer. I love it and I love him and I also do not mean it as a joke.

I want to emulate my friends, mostly! A lot of them might see me being gayly effusive about them here because a bunch of them are from this very forum, but I'm indescribably lucky to have amazing, talented, compassionate, strong friends and I admire all of them so, so much. I feel like all of them are almost always so composed and have their shit together, while I'm running around flipping my fucking wig, and it's so grounding to realize that other people go through similar things and come out the other side just fine. I just think they're all the coolest. (one hundred sob emojis in a row)

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