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Can the cold really make you sick?


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Yes, I'm in college and yes, I'm taking science courses, but I'm still unsure of whether being too cold for an extended period of time makes you sick (logically I know that it does not but dang it I want to make sure). I'm terrified of getting sick. It's freezing in my room and I've been outvoted 3 to 1 by my roommates to keep our AC on the coldest setting as opposed to making it less of an iceberg in here. I'm cold all the time on a GOOD day, so I'm freezing constantly in this dang room. These past few days I've woken up with a kind of sore throat and I'm paranoid because, as a first soprano, it sucks to get sick. Especially when you have to sing the high parts three days a week for rehearsal and then practice on your own basically every other day of the week. I know there's the usual colds and junk circulating around campus for the first few weeks of classes, but I've never been one to catch those so early on. 

Can someone please reassure me that my throat is probably just sore because of the dry air from the air conditioning or something??

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@facet that makes sense! I've texted one of my roommates and asked if I could turn the temperature up but she hasn't responded yet. I explained the situation and junk, so hopefully someone will sympathize with me, but I don't have a lot of hope since we are a fairly democratically run room group lol. 
I wish I could get a heated blanket but those actually aren't allowed on campus and neither are space heaters. It's like they want me to die or something 😭

The worst part is that I was in Mexico last semester so I was delightfully roasting, and now I've been flung into the icy hell that is air conditioning and I only packed one pair of long pants because I still had my Mexico brain on when I was packing for school 😂

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4 hours ago, facet said:

You can't get sick from cold temperatures alone, but if it adds stress to your body, it can make it so your immune system is depressed, making it more likely for you to catch a cold.

Kind of along these lines, I've heard that the drastic change in temperature is what can weaken the immune, so if the weather's still pretty warm where you are and your roomies are keeping the place arctic, that might make you sick. Hopefully you feel better though!

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