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Sneezy Voice Messages 😘


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Thought I'd document this as soon as it happened, as it was so amazing! 

So I'm home in bed ill, unfortunately not with a cold, just a gross sickness thing. I was messaging my boyfriend and suddenly a voice message comes through:

For about five seconds all I could make out was extremely desperate breathing, before a sudden build up and "huhxCHHOo....huhh..huktSHOO" he took a deep breath after and sniffed, before saying "night!", supposedly to his Dad. I found it so adorable that he was so sneezy and had to control himself just long enough to say goodnight, before suddenly sniffing and building up to another sneeze. "HahhxtCHOO". I heard him sigh quietly, as though the force of the sneezes had left him weak. 

With each sneeze, I imagined how he'd probably not covered them. Usually he tries to cover with one hand if we're in public, but at home he sneezes openly- or on me. 

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Just now, Feo said:

@kylo_sneeze nice! Did he do it on purpose or not? Does he have a cold?

He has a really bad cold! I was so disappointed I wasn't there to witness it because its his first cold since I met him

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13 minutes ago, EvaBloom said:

Wow, wow, wow, That's amazing! I'd save that voice message forever lmao. 

 I hope you get to see him in person when he's all sneezy and sick like that :thumbsupsmiley:

I know! I think I've already listened to it 100 times 😂

Going to see him tomorrow so hopefully he's still sick!

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1 hour ago, Feo said:

I know that feeling!! Did he know he was sneezing into your voicemail? I hope you will get to meet him!! Or at least talk on the phone!!

Yeah he did!

Well I should be seeing him tomorrow, its typical though since todays the first day in weeks we've spent apart and he gets sick 😂

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@kylo_sneeze please keep us updated!! If you bother I would love to know about coughing as well. And comments and conversations of him being sick... I understand it if I ask to much!! 

I remember so well a long distance relationship with my boyfriend... I hated that I couldn't be with him when he was sick!! Once he pressed the mute button when he coughed... Arghh!!


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7 minutes ago, Feo said:

@kylo_sneeze I'm sorry if I'm a bother, but I'm curious to know how this cold of his turned out 😉

Hey! It's no trouble at all, he got REALLY sick for a few days. I had to look after him & there was a lot of sneezing on me. Which I totally don't mind 😂😉 he's better now though

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1 minute ago, Feo said:

@kylo_sneeze Thank you for your answer! If you have any obs I would love to hear 😉 Did he cough? Someone asking him about his cold? 


I'll try to make an obs about it in the next few days, as I'm still looking after him until he's completely better. Yeah he had a bad cough at the beginning which made him all miserable, but most of it was sniffing and sneezing a lot! 

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