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bondi wave page has it gone


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Upon further inspection, and using ICANN who is lookup, the domain has the following status:

I also looked up that that registrar lock means and i get this



So bondi or whoever he uses for the domain services has put a registration lock on the domain name to prevent it from being transferred to someone else.




Domain Status:registrar-lock* https://www.icann.org/epp#registrar-lock*
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22 minutes ago, etechie said:

Yeah, but it says "site under construction" with a hyperlink to Florida virtual solutions

I don't doubt that's what's happening to you. For what it's worth, when I go to http://bondi.beastlet.com/ , I get the correct site. All links work. All media works. Here's a screenshot:


I don't know enough about how the tubes work to explain why my browser is getting sent to the right server, while yours is getting redirected. It's because of mysterious behavior like this that I decided against becoming a web developer. :)

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I get the site under construction page, too. The original site works for some people and doesn't work for others and I have no idea why. 

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