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Question about coughing


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Before I joined the forum, I had no idea that a coughing fetish was a thing. I don't have it (I only enjoy sneezing), but I cough wayyyy more than I sneeze. Like seriously, everything makes me have coughing fits. I cough all summer long from allergies, cough throughout the winter from cold/dry air, and get pretty bad bronchitis at least once a year. 

I'm just wondering, are coughing self-obs appreciated within this fetish? I'd totally post some since it seems like I'm always coughing uncontrollably, but I'm not sure what details would be enjoyed/appreciated (as opposed to sneezing self-obs where I know exactly what to write because I have the fetish haha). Any thoughts? 

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I don't really know, maybe you could post some obs, but I'm not sure if this would be the right forum...

 Also, there's not any coughing fetish forum around, so idk. I don't really share that fetish either, but you can try to post some obs if you want :biggrinsmiley:

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I've seen coughing obs in the past. I believe you would just post it under 'Related Fetishes' as there are definitely members around the forum with coughing as part of their fetish. Hope this helps! :) 

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Four topics down from yours, there’s a topic about what people like about coughing. And yea you can post in related fetish observations, stories, artwork. It’s not separated like the sneeze one. Or you could post a wav of coughing. I’m just going to tag @Feo since they wrote that they have one on here.

Coughing is a light part of my fetish, but it’s just with colds for the most part. 

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Thank you for asking @Oceanmountains and thank you for tagging me @Reader!!

Coughing obs is HIGHLY appreciated from my pov!!! 

To your question about what details are appreciated. I would like to know what kind of cough it is (dry, wet, from a cold etc), comments from other people and a description of the situation (like where you are etc). 

I hope to read some observations from you!! 

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If you feel comfortable writing a coughing obs - you can post it here for sure. there are certainly people who appreciate it. Maybe you could write if it was a dry cough or a wet cough? Have you been at home or outside? Did someone react to your coughing or not? Or how long did it last? as has already been written, it would be best to post your self obs in 'Related Fetishes'. Good luck😊

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Definitely a coughing fan. My fetish is more of an overall 'illness' fetish and I actually found this forum while searching for stuff about coughing. So I'd definitely appreciate it :)

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