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Someone who normally covers, not covering


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So when I first got out of college I lived with a friend of mine and his girlfriend, we were all like 21-22 years old.  My friends girlfriend, we will call her E, was fairly sneezy.  She’s like 5’8, brown hair a little past her shoulders, cute medium sized nose that fit her face very well.  She always let out her sneezes, always sneezed a double with just a second or two in between, and always covered with one hand.  These happened a couple times a day usually.

i only ever saw her sneeze without covering one time in the 8 months I lived there, and it was quite a treat.  It was sometime in the spring and she had moderate allergies and she had already done her usual double at least once that day.  This time, I was helping her clean up the house (they had a toddler) and she was like 10 feet from me doing dishes.  Her hands were wet and soapy, I heard her say “shit” and I looked over at her in Time to see her pause.  She started to bring her hand up like always but decided not to once she remembered they were all soapy.  She had a brief build up, turned to her right so I had a perfect profile view of her face, and sneezed two completely open “hut-chsshhooo!!!” At an angle sort of down toward the floor.  It was quite pleasant to finally see her not cover, and the uninhibited sound was awesome.  I blessed her, she said something like “sorry I couldn’t cover those” and I smiled to myself and said “it’s totally fine”.  Definitely the best obs I had from my time with them.

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Wow that's really hot-- I wish I could have seen it! I really like it when girls sneeze uncovered, especially when they sneeze onto something

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