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Favorite musician/band?


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Who's your favorite music artist? I'd love to be introduced to some new stuff! My favorite band is My Chemical Romance, I listened to them at their beginning and followed them up until their end. And now I continue to listen to them!

In terms of a single artist-- I love Billy Joel! I'm listening to him right now actually lol

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Hm, my favorite band would be Gorillaz (or at least right now :lol:). I listen to them since 2016, and I love their songs!

 I can't decide a specific single artist, I love Riho Iida's songs, but Porter Robinson is also pretty great. I'll stick with both of them :D

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I have two favourite bands, and I class them as such because I don't dislike any song they have done which I've heard (though some I like more than others) and they have been in this number 1 spot for probably 10 years now. And they are: 

Tiger Army and The Misfits. 

I used to adore Avenged Sevenfold (still do tbf) and also Disturbed, but I don't hold them on the same level as the other two. I also really love City and Colour/Dallas Green, but again, I wouldn't say they are my favourite. 

My taste in music is eclectic to say the least, and I do enjoy most genres ranging from black metal to acoustic, but yeah.. Tiger Army (a psychobilly band) and The Misfits (a punk band) are absolutely number 1 ^w^


Because you said you like being introduced to new stuff, I have included a couple songs from my favourite artists for your own enjoyment~ 

I linked to two from The Misfits, because they were a very different band depending on the frontman. So the first is with Glenn Danzig and the second is with Michale Graves:


Okay, I'm going to struggle to link to just one Tiger Army song, given their albums are all so different, but I'll keep it as minimal as possible xD


I was going to link to some Avenged Sevenfold and City and Colour too, but that might be overkill xD. So I'll just leave this here instead and then be on my merry way~ 


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I AM EMO TRASH/ Alternetive band trash

FOB-Fall out Boy

P!ATD-Panic! At The Disco


Green Day


There For Tomorrow

Set It Off

Against The Current

To name a few 

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Oh man, i have a few favorite bands. 

My most top favorite band is The Mountain Goats, which is an indie folk rock band that mostly does songs about surviving hard times, love, loss of love, loss in general, and rebellion. I find their lyrics really, really poetic & their songs generally comforting. 

My second favorite band is AFI (A Fire Inside). They're an alt rock band that started as punk in their earlier days and grew into a more emotional sound. They mostly sing about love, love gone wrong, toxic love, and lust, and very occasionally about existential philosophy. I love them mostly because the lead singer's voice is on a whole other level of amazing, but also a little bit bc i love those deeply dramatic songs, its very nostalgic of my teen years and cathartic to listen to all at once.

Tied for third are Panic! at the Disco, and Fall Out Boy, honestly bc i just think they're neat. I like their sound. I don't think i have to describe them since they're pretty well known. 

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My favorite band is Radiohead! I try not to talk about them/show them to people because I’m worried people will assume I’m pretentious and miserable :lol: But Radiohead is lowkey like, 90% of what I listen to.

I’ve also recently gotten really into Phish and Modest Mouse! 

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My main favorite is The Beatles. But I also love: Bright Eyes, The Who, Rolling Stones, The Walkmen, Arcade Fire, Bob Dylan, The Clash, The Ramones, Cafe Tacuba, Modest Mouse, Blink 182, They Might Be Giants, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Underworld, New Order, Joy Division. I also love listening to movie scores, stuff by John Williams, Ennio Morricone, Joe Hisaishi, Bernard Hermann, Angelo Badalamenti, Michael Giaachino, Ryful, Alexandre Desplat, Jonny Greenwood, Zbignew Presiner, Michael Nyman, Hans Zimmer, John Murphy, Michael Kamen, Alan Silvestri. 

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