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Rapid-fire from someone who never sneezes rapid-fire🔥


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Yesterday I went to my sister's rodeo with my husband. He's super allergic to horses, but they don't usually make him sneeze. Anyways, he refused to take allergy medicine before he went and about 5 minutes in his nose started getting red and his eyes were getting watery. The allergies progressively got worse, and on the car ride home he kept hitching violently with false start after false start, each one leaving him more and more congested. 

By the time we got home he was going absolutely insane, his nose twitching like crazy and his face frozen in a perpetual dazed look. I suggested that he sniff the tiniest bit of chhinkni to get the sneeze out and he agreed, sniffing a barely visible amount. Not even a second went by and he started sneezing uncontrollably onto my bare chest. 

The first 7 were completely rapid-fire, not a second or a breath in between. Just back to back huge, wet, body-shaking sneezes. He's had sneezing fits before, but never anything as rapid or desparate as this. It was like ahTSCHHHH-ehTSCHTCH-ehTCHHH-ahSCHHH-ahTCHHH-ehhCHHTCH-ehTSCHHHEW!!! 

After that he tried to tell me he need to blow his nose, but sneezed before he could finish his sentence. When he got up to blow his nose he sneezed four more times rapidly into the Kleenex, each one bending him at the waist violently. He looked at me, face as red as can be but still smirking because he knew he was killing me, and sneezed facing towards me so I could see his face contort and be totally overcome by the intensity of the sneeze. 

He continued to sneeze about 10 more times, the sneezes becoming more spaced out and drawn out. They started sounding slightly less wet and more vocally, kind of like ahhhIIISHHew in a tone that was higher that his speaking voice but not even the slightest bit feminine. He sat next to me on the bed and I wrapped my arms around him so I was kind of looking up at him from right underneath his face for the last few sneezes. 

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Wow-- does your husband know about your fetish? I'd love it if my fiance sneezed over and over again onto me, but I don't think I could ever tell her I liked it haha

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