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Messy triple (F/self/pic)


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A few minutes ago, I said goodnight to a visitor. When I stepped out onto the porch in my bare feet, I noticed it was terribly chilly outside, so I grabbed a thick coat before I went back out to wave goodbye as my friend drove away (still nothing on my feet).

As soon as I came inside, I felt a tickle. I sneezed a big, girly "hat-sheewww!", then a second one. Before I could recover, I had a huge build-up, finishing in a big "huh...huh...hut-ttttcshewww!" with a lot of mess left over.


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10 hours ago, Jeff1 said:

Oh my goodness!  Bless you.  Are you getting sick or just a couple of random sneezes?

I am curious about this as well.

But wow! Bless you, those sneezes must have been absolutely adorable and desperate.

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