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Deep Freeze! (Female, The Flash)


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Okay! So since I’m a super new user on this forum, I should probably preface this post by saying my favorite TV show currently is The Flash on the CW. The phenomenal characters, creative superpowers and super interesting overarching stories each season (Reverse Flash, Zoom, Savitar, etc.)  just make it basically insurmountable to any other show in my mind. I grew up reading The Flash comics a bit, and alongside the recent development on screen I have been obsessed with Barry Allen and Iris West’s relationship in almost all of his iterations. It’s such a wholesome relationship fully described by sheer love, respect and passion for each other. I’ve been toying with the idea of a sneezy story revolving these two characters for a long-time and now that I’ve joined this community officially I think it’s time to give it a try. I will write this first little bit, and continue as long as it is wanted by people on here! I'd like you all to keep in mind that for a superhero sneezy story to work for me there has to be a good setup (you'll see), so this is mostly that story and a bit of sneezing too with more to come. Here we go:

Barry Allen, the fastest man alive zoomed through Central City at lightning speed wearing his red protective bodysuit and mask. Central City Picture News and the citizens of the small metropolis have grown accustomed to calling him “The Flash” in the past few years because of his unique ability to run at superhuman speeds  while saving people in the blink of an eye. Barry wasn’t necessarily a man who craved recognition, but rather just wants to help those in danger especially after the particle accelerator explosion at Star Labs. Three years ago in a freak scientific malfunction, dark matter emerged all over the city causing ordinary people to have superhuman powers almost overnight.  Alongside his brilliant colleagues, Cisco Ramon and Caitlin Snow, the trio work together day and night to stop these “metahumans” and sometimes regular crooks from wreaking havoc on their beloved city. Occasionally, Barry’s new girlfriend, Iris West and his foster dad Joe West lent a helping hand in serving justice.

Today was just going  to be just another day of crime fighting for The Flash and his team.  A few minutes ago while conversing in the control room of Star Labs about possible technical upgrades to Barry’s suit, Team Flash received a tip on their computer system. Apparently, the infamous thief Leonard Snart (sometimes called Captain Cold by Cisco) is planning on stealing the Kahndaq diamond from the Central City Museum yet again. In an instant, Barry changed into his costume, and was speedily out the door leaving a few papers flying to the floor.  As he flew through the streets, bright yellow lightning spawned behind him exemplifying the true velocity he was reaching. In just moments, he reached the Central City Museum where he saw the villain of the hour, Captain Cold already inside the main atrium kicking off his newest heist. Snart wore a navy blue winter jacket with his signature puffy hood pulled down, and sported oversized black goggles. In his hands he held his prized possession, the Cold Gun. This impressive stolen weaponry has the ability to slow molecules down in objects, and make things extremely cold sometimes freezing them solid. Unfortunately, firing a blast at Barry was the perfect counter to his speed so he had to be extra careful in this fight. Barry took a second to carefully access his situation, and burst through the front doors into the atrium of the Central City Museum. Barry noticed that Captain Cold had rammed his van through the left wall of the room, and had jumped out to start running for his valuable objective. It seemed odd to Barry that a burglar as renowned as Snart would draw so much attention to himself at first. As he was running up towards the stairs, museum security had already gun to fire at him with their guns. He ignored his gut feeling, and proceeded to forcefully shout:

“Snart, are we really doing this again?”

“Is my favorite guy in red tights really coming to stop all the fun again?” the criminal replied sarcastically. He attempted to blast one of the two brave security guards firing at him with his Cold Gun as he spoke. A bright blue ray emitted from the device’s tip nearly missing his target.

“Stop with the games Snart! Why are you back here to steal the same thing again?”

Captain Cold fired another time, this time making contact with a security guard on his hand sending him to the floor. He rolled on the floor swiftly, while firing one more shot to incapacitate the second. He chuckled while standing up and saying: “Make the plan, and execute the plan, remember? I have something to help me this time, Flash!”. He snapped his gloved fingers loudly, and yelled: “Mick, bring her out would ya?”

A bald and burly man wearing goggles over his forehead exited the vehicle, dragging none other than his girlfriend, Iris along with him. Duct taped covered her mouth, as she let out muffled screams to be released immediately. Barry noticed that Iris’ hands were bound by duct tape as well, as the man who usually called himself Heatwave pushed her onto the floor in front of Captain Cold. He continued her muffled screaming, scared for her life of being hurt by these two evil crooks standing beside her.

“See the thing is Barry, you’re too fast! As long as you’ve been around, I haven’t been able to steal.”

Barry fueled by rage screamed: “Let her go!”

Snart answered: “But then I figured  you can’t do two important things at once now can you?”

Before his eyes, Barry saw Captain Cold aim his Cold Gun at his girlfriend. There was nothing he could do as the evil villain pulled the trigger spraying the love of his life with an ice cold beam point blank. He started by aiming at her feet, and persisted his icy attack until he had reached her head. In a few seconds, Iris West was frozen as she fell motionless to the floor underneath her. She was blue in color!

Captain Cold and Heatwave ran up the atrium stairs to go find the Kahndaq diamond, as Barry rushed to the aid of his girlfriend getting on his knees. Some things were more important than stopping bad guys. There was a thick sheath of ice around her, and Barry wasn’t even sure if she was still alive after the Cold Gun had hit her so closely. He grabbed her, and raced her back to Star Labs to see what Cisco and Caitlin thought about it. If she was alive, then there must be some way to unfreeze her without hurting her! After all, Cisco was the one who invented the Cold Gun before it got stolen by Snart.

Barry sped into Star Labs dropping Iris onto an observation table, with a look of dread and guilt in his eyes. He exclaimed: “Snart won. He froze Iris so he could steal the diamond for real this time. I don’t know what to do guys!”

Caitlin hurriedly ran over to the station and hooked Iris up to her medical equipment.

The computer started displaying all sorts of numbers, but the interface showed a visibly slowed heartbeat. The molecules in Iris have been slowing down because of her absolute zero encasement it seems. She optimistically said: “She still has a weak pulse luckily, but the she can’t stay frozen like this forever or she will die..”

Cisco who had been pacing on the other side offers a brilliant idea by saying: “Barry! Put your hands on the ice layer and vibrate them at super speed. That should generate the heat we need to break the shell and warm her up!”

Barry walks over to Iris and does just that. He concentrates on speeding up his hands as they blur back and forth. He sees the icy covering on Iris slowly dissipate into water.

Caitlin grabs a brown blanket from under the observation table and puts it on top of Iris immediately trying to warm her body temperature up from it’s previously frigid state.

Barry breathes his warm breath onto her cheeks to warm her up even more.

Iris’ eyes flutter as she starts to wake up from her cold nap caused by Captain Cold.

Barry holds her hand tight, in utter amazement that they had counteracted the effects of the Cold Gun fired at such close range. He could have lost his girlfriend just now, but thanks to the frankly ingenious and quick thinking of Team Flash everyone was going okay. He could track down Captain Cold and his diamond later..

Iris West opened her eyes and looked around alarmed at her surroundings.

She softly says: “B-B-Barry, why are we at S-Star Lab-b-ss?” showing off how cold she really is in her voice.

Pulling his red mask off, Barry smiles rubbing her shoulders and explaining the entire situation that had just gone down. At the end of it all, Barry leans in and kisses Iris on the cheek telling her that he is just glad she is okay and he will deal with Snart and his compatriot later on in the evening.

As Barry went to sit down next to his still warming up girlfriend on the observation table, Iris’ face began to pinch inwards. Her back arched a bit as she took a hitched breath inward and tilted her head slightly towards the ceiling. She took another hitched breath this time more powerful, as she let out a forceful Hatshiewww! and sneezed into air above her. The tickle didn’t let up as she let her breathing catch again, this time letting out a Etchsh--eekk!  stifling the gigantic sneeze it into the blanket that Caitlin had wrapped her up in. As she recovered from the double sneeze onslaught she sniffled trying to sound out, “Barry, I-I” before letting out a massive and powerful EtschoOo! and another Haschooo! into her bent elbow. She finished her sentence, “need a tissue, please...”




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Wonderful! I love a good setup and you are describing the beginning of her cold spectacularly. I’ve seen a few seasons of the flash and really liked it. 

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Nice set-up! I haven't seen much fic on this site with freezing and shivering, so this is already off to a great start! I'd love to see what they do to take care of her.

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2 hours ago, Reader said:

Wonderful! I love a good setup and you are describing the beginning of her cold spectacularly. I’ve seen a few seasons of the flash and really liked it. 

Thanks! I was just pondering that fact that we've never really seen what happened to someone who got hit with the Cold Gun, so this all kind of happened in my head and then transitioned to the story. I was thinking of moving into largely a Barry / Iris caretaking thing, followed by some interesting contagion aspects with the other Team Flash members.  

2 hours ago, Sneezit said:

Nice set-up! I haven't seen much fic on this site with freezing and shivering, so this is already off to a great start! I'd love to see what they do to take care of her.

I'd like to incorporate the freezing and shivering at the beginning, because it's interesting. However, as she warms up that may change into a stuffy nose and sneezy spurts. I'm not quite sure, but I'm interested to explore this concept of a mega-cold caused by a gun that turns your body temperature to absolute zero. The sky is the limit, really.

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3 hours ago, VibraniumPhoton9 said:

 I'm interested to explore this concept of a mega-cold caused by a gun that turns your body temperature to absolute zero.

That would be interesting! I think you could still incorporate sneezing into the symptoms as well. She has all the signs of a cold, she just can't seem to warm up on top of it.

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6 hours ago, Sneezit said:

That would be interesting! I think you could still incorporate sneezing into the symptoms as well. She has all the signs of a cold, she just can't seem to warm up on top of it.

I love it. Thanks for the inspiration!

2 hours ago, superimmunegirl said:

I have a weakness for cold/rain induced colds! Do keep writing!

I'll try my best. 

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If you’re up to a small request, I would like to see Barry catch it or get frozen with the cold gun himself

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Gosh guys. I wrote this right before I met my beautiful new girlfriend, Artemis. 

My girlfriend's sneezes are so cute and powerful. She has these little dorky glasses that make them even better. 

I'm basically useless whenever Artemis has a sneezy cold. I can't even think straight the sneezes are that good.

Good news! She knows about the fetish, and fake sneezes on me all the time while we're in the moment.

We are working towards buying some chhinki powder, but she's not there yet. Any words of encouragement for her? 

I have not been on the Sneeze Fetish Forum in so long. I honestly miss talking with people with similar intimacy interests as me. Also, I heavily relate to people who are infatuated with desperate cold and allergy sneezes. I know there are many of you out there. I just saw these responses to my original post. I am blown away by the support. 


On 9/11/2018 at 9:51 PM, jai_is_bae? said:

If you’re up to a small request, I would like to see Barry catch it or get frozen with the cold gun himself

On 9/25/2018 at 8:01 AM, Yuuki said:

I hope there's more coming because I liked what I read ^^

Yes, I'm sure many would love to see Barry catch it as well. I don't know, just based on how the Flash character works it's gonna be really difficult. 

Barry Allen can't even get drunk for a prolonged period of time. His body is always moving so fast.

However, I don't have an interest in male sneezes so I will probably stay away from that route. I'm gonna focus on Iris West.

I want Iris' cold to get worst. She just caught it! The idea is that a cold induced by the cold gun is legitimately the worst cold of all time.

Desperate sneezes. Nose blowing everywhere. Maybe a little feverish. Sniffly. Congested. I am not sure how the story will play out yet. 

Get excited super for Part II, and I will see you all soon in different threads before then.

Let's get people chatting again, as times can be really tough right now. I know for me that COVID-19 has really sucked, but when I think about how happy sneezes make me suddenly I'm okay again. It's comfortable to know that something will always make you happy no matter what.



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Removed fantasy about COVID making people sneeze.
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