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No Secrets (pacific rim uprising) m/m


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I finally watched pacific rim uprising and its safe to say I’m a bit obsessed. It’s a really good movie, I loved the first one as well and the whole concept of drifting is something that’d be really interesting to explore in regards to this kind of a fic.

This is set post-movie btw… I’m not gonna say it’s a multi part-er just bc I have a terrible follow through but… I’ll leave it open. 


Ship: jake x nate
Summary: drifting means no secrets, and that especially makes it awkward when your co-pilot/maybe something more has a head cold and you have a thing for sneezing. 
A/N: the summary is a bit redundant bc they actually don't get to drift but hey if i ever write that second part...lol 


It’d been a solid 6 months since the kaiju had been defeated, but it seemed like since the threat of immediate extinction had been quashed, things got even crazier than before. They weren’t running defense anymore, they were running offense… or gearing up to run offense. The shatterdome (what was left of it) and everyone in it were kicked into high gear, rebuilding their home, but mostly focusing on building jaegers along with the help of Shao industries. Bigger and better jaegers. Running full tilt every day for six months was bound to catch up with them, and that’s what landed Nate in bed waking up with the worst head cold he could ever remember having in his life. 

His alarm had been going off, the shrill beeping making his aching stuffy head throb in time with it. Scrambling to turn it off, he let out a hoarse groan, forgetting he wasn’t the only one in the room. Jake was sleeping on the bunk above his, but really he needed to start waking up on time anyways, so Nate wasn’t going to feel bad about it. Nate snuffled, shoving his blankets clear and gave a small shiver when his bare feet hit the cold ground. The shiver traveled all the way up and set his nose tingling and he barely managed to duck his face into his shirt to sneeze not once, but twice.

Heh’KTShh’ue! NTSHhSh’uhh” He sniffled thicky, head feeling heavy with congestion and nose almost ready to drip. 

On the bunk above him, Jake was wide awake now, debating whether he should comment or just let Nate think he was still asleep. He watched Nate’s back through slitted eyes as he got up and walked towards the bathroom, closing the door with a soft click. Jake let out a huff of breath, remembering suddenly that today was supposed to be their first test drift with their new jaeger. God help him. 


Apparently the powers at be weren’t on his side today, because Nate had sneezed a total of ten times in the half an hour it took for them to get ready for the day and have breakfast, all the while insisting he wasn’t sick, or at least not bad enough to not do the drift today. Jake was so screwed. That was it, he could kiss his last shred of dignity goodbye because Nate would never look at him the same again after they drifted. And maybe it wasn’t just that. They’d been getting closer in the last six months, what with the working together and living in the same quarters because of the shortage of rooms so yeah, maybe Jake was starting to have feelings. The kind of feelings he’d sworn off having for someone else, especially someone like Nate. 

“Hey,” Jake began, a hand reaching out to pull Nate to a stop. He steered them to an empty alcove off the main hallway. “Can I talk to you for a second?” 

Nate would’ve been all ears if he was able, because there were few times Nate could recall hearing him this serious. But the damn tickle in his nose was about to drive him up the wall. “H-hhang ohh..on..” he said, breath hitching in a way that made Jake’s stomach squirm pleasantly. 

Jake watched as Nate helplessly gave in to the tickle, his stupidly long lashes fluttering over teary blue eyes, nostrils flaring. He struggled like that for a few seconds, and Jake was really on fire now. Damn you Lambert. Damn you and your stupid sexy sneezes. 

Heh’aKSSH’hU-!! HMPTSHhht!..hh’TSHHKX’huu..” Nate trailed off with a pathetic cough, and Jake nearly dropped the handkerchief as he pulled it out of his pocket and handed it to Nate, who blushed but accepted it gratefully, wiping his nose, and then asking, “sorry, what were you going to say?” in this hot stuffy voice, that was slightly muffled behind the cloth. 

Jake couldn’t decide whether he wanted to kiss him or kill him. Original plan (aka the terrible impulsive plan to confess his feelings before...not running away because Jake Pentecost didn’t run away but… okay yeah he was going to run away) was out the window because he’d lost his nerve. Plan B it is. “Look mate, you sound really bad and you look a bit shit so why don’t we call it a day and do the test drift another day.” 

Nate’s ears went red again and he let out an indignant huff, and Jake could see the stubborn expression beginning to form on his face which was a bad sign. Stubborn Nate was only slightly less difficult to deal with than an actual kaiju. Maybe saying he looked like shit was a step too far, even if it was a bald faced lie which Nate would soon find out if Jake can’t manage to weasel his way out of their test drift. 

Luckily (or unluckily, it was starting to get a bit complicated) Nate’s would-be argument was stalled as the itch in his sinuses decided to wreak havoc again. His next hitching breath, that was let out behind the handkerchief made the Jake’s legs feel a bit like jello, and for half a second he wondered if Nate was doing this on purpose. Because it was torture truly. 

H-hih…” Jake idly thinks the face Nate is making now should probably be a painting in a museum of erotic art. “He’EKSH’huu..snf.. hCTX’SHh-!! HKKXT-! NGXT-! H’MPTCXhuu..” 

After a second fit in the last few minutes, Nate was looking a little worse for the wear and Jake felt a pang of guilt. Jake’s reasons aside, drifting today genuinely was not in Nate’s best interest either. 

It seemed Nate had come to that conclusion on his own as well because, he was sagging in defeat. “Baybe you’re ridght...sndf.”

“C’mon Nate,” Jake said sympathetically, wrapping an arm around his back and leading him back to their quarters while the taller man tried to quietly snuffle into Jake’s handkerchief. He couldn't help but tack on, "I'm always right, you should know this by now," which coaxed an eye roll and a smile that Nate was unsuccessful at hiding.

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Pacific Rim! I have to say my OTP is Newt and Hermann. But Nate and Jake? I'll take it! Hot sexy sneezing Nate? Definitely. This is great. Love the awkward feelings. Would love if continued but understand if not.

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