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My recent cold


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So, I've been battling a very persistent cold these recent weeks, (damn autumn and its viral flora) and it seems to have been a rather contagious one. 

I realized this, as I noticed today that my office mate (let's call him Rick) has been awefully sniffly and his voice has been somewhat degrading since yesterday. 

He is a man, around 175Cm tall, around the age of 35 and rather normal looking, with short, dark hair and a sprinkle of gray around the sides. 

Anyway, so, He was talking with a client over the phone and I wasn't really paying it much attention (due to this, of course, being a very common occurrence) but suddenly I heard him trying to draw the call towards the end, trying to quickly finish up for some reason. 

I at first didn't realize what was happening, but just as the call ended, he sneezed, loudly and uncovered like "ahhehh... Ptchuahh" (he has a... Let's say uhm... Noticeable and powerful, all consuming sneeze) 

He of course had to do the "oh boy! I sure am glad that customer hung up! Couldn't hold that back a second longer!" 

This ticked me a little as I myself am really awkward when it comes to male sneezes :') 

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