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half an obs, on the phone


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Phone tag is not my favorite game.  I missed a call on my work cell phone Friday afternoon, and didn't have time to return it that day.

Returned the call Monday morning, and got her voicemail.  Left a message.  She called back maybe an hour later.  I didn't want to answer it- I wasn't supposed to be working, and it wasn't a good time- but I also hate phone tag.

As I answered, I heard a chew sound.  I thought it might have been the second half of a sneeze.  As she apologized for missing my call earlier, someone in the background said "Bless you" to her.

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16 hours ago, deere said:

As I answered, I heard a chew sound

Sounds like the phone cut off more than it could chew..... :glare:

Still at least you got half the sneeze!





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