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asking for your ideas for a fiction..?


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hello dear readers😊
I would love to write a fiction / story on this site.  I have a fanfiction that isn't finished yet. Now I wanted to start a new project for you.

With the main points on illness / chronic or acute - coughing or asthma, fever, weakness, caretaking etc.

Unfortunately, I do not know exactly what to write - since I have never had such a topic before. I know it will take some time but can I ask you for your ideas and advices, please? Is there a special type of story you would like to read? Which plot? A romance or dramatic story? A boyfriend / girlfriend fiction or a fanfiction with real existing characters?

I appreciate all your help and suggestions and thank you very much in advance.

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You probably know I would love for it to contain coughing from a cold 😉 All cold symptoms are appreciated though!! I love it when it could be happening in real life. Like an artist gets a cold before a show, a boy struggles with a cold ona date stca restaurants/cinema etc. I like when someone comments on they're cough and cold. 

It would be interesting to read what you come up with!!

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Hey :)

If you're looking for totally random prompts, I can recommend you tarotgal's annual sneezefic meme. There are about 200 comments (3 pages) with ideas, plots,  quotes, etc. related to sneezing. I have the feeling that 80% of them are SPN-fics, but I'm sure you'll find ideas for other fandoms and also general prompts, too.

But as you also asked for our opinion... I really into this weakness-thing :blush:. You know, when one of these strong, controlled, leader-type guys falls ill and has to admit his weakness to the others, needs to be taken care of etc. And when his anger finally turns into simple tolerance or even acceptance of the caretaker (he may even be thankful, but probably doesn't show it)... :hug:That's just adorable. Fever (nightmares?) usually go with this one, but I could also imagine a chronic illness he's been hiding for too long. Or maybe even a simple cold that turned into chronic bronchitis... 

Well, whatever you're gonna write, I'd be happy to read something of you! :)




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