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Joker Sneeze Art! (Commission)


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Hey everyone! I know I'm mostly a lurker here, but I recently got some sneeze-art commissioned of Joker (Batman, not Persona). He's always been my fave to torment even since stumbling across this site. I guess I just have a thing for sickie villains :3 

I'm hoping in the future to commission sneeze-fanfic (I'm not great at writing prose myself, or I feel that way anyway.) so I'll probably post that too if I can find the right writer to work with :3

Anyway, here is the completed comic! I really like it!

Page 1

page 2

page 3

I also have some which are just the flats without the shading, I'm gonna link those too cause I like them a lot!

flats page 1

flats page 2

flats page 3

Thank you for looking!

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Omg, that art style is beautiful!

8 hours ago, lunarcat42 said:

(Batman, not Persona)

I swear I thought it was the one from Persona for a second :lol:

 Hey, this comic is very cute, I like it! :wubsmiley:

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Oh my gosh, how cute! I love this artist's style and who doesn't love a sneezy, sick Joker? :D 

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I guess that’s what you call Bat-Manga :razz:. Anyway, that’s a cute style, and I would love to see similar artwork with the roles reversed.

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On 9/28/2018 at 12:20 AM, KushamiQueen said:

These are absolutely adorable! I just love them! Awesome job!! ❤️

I think they're cute too. And her finger under Joker's nose while she's tickling the inside of it just to make him sneeze? Nice.

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