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@People who post obs about your significant others: are you ever worried that they might find out?

Watercolor Daydreams

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Okay, so I've been with my current S/O for a little over 6 months now. I've never really had a serious, long-term S/O before so I've never come across this problem. The thing is, I have TONS of obs about him that I'd like to share on the forum but I'm so scared he'd somehow stumble across the forum and recognize himself in them (he doesn't know I have the fetish, and I don't plan on telling him anytime soon; I'm just not comfortable enough to do that with anyone for now). I know lots of people on here post (often descriptive) obs of their significant others, so I was wondering if you guys ever worry about your S/O finding an obs and figuring out it was about them, and if you do, how you deal with it/muster up the courage to post anyway.

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hello, until today I haven't written any observations about someone I know because I have the same fears as you. Someone will find out or recognizes himself or herself. Although my family members don't speak English, but I have never felt comfortable writing an obs etc. about them in public and they wouldn't agree or know about it. Although they wouldn't understand what the plot is about if they read it, but I would have to explain to them why I use an English forum etc.

A suggestion for you - you could also describe your boyfriend in a different way - instead of brown hair he has blond hair, or another eye color? You should talk about your fetish with your boyfriend, if you feel comfortable with it. May I ask you something - I have read it in many obs and posts.. what does S/O mean? I hope I could help you.

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15 hours ago, facet said:

Uhhh... Maybe I'm gonna be in the minority on this one but 1) my partners know about my fetish; we wouldn't be together if they didn't and 2) I have their explicit permission to talk about them when I post on here

I'd feel.. weird. Like exposing them or invading their privacy or something if I posted an obs about them without their ok

Like, it's one thing to post an obs about Joe Anonymous who you saw at a Starbucks or whatever, but yeah, if I'm sharing an experience from my partner(s), they need to know about it and consent to it first imo

i big agree with this philosophy 

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When I still had an SO, he knew about my fetish and this forum, and I only ever posted one or two observations of him, which he knew about.

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I agree with the others. 

I don't think it's inherently bad to talk about your partner sneezing without them knowing about it, but a small, private, shooting-the-shit-over-beer-with-the-buddies style conversation is different from posting stories about on a fetish forum with the intent to get a large group of strangers off. The latter feels invasive and disrespectful.

Luckily, my girlfriend has the fetish too, so this is no longer a worry of mine. ;)

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On 9/14/2018 at 10:19 AM, beijoseternura said:

I have read it in many obs and posts.. what does S/O mean? I hope I could help you.

As far as I know, S/O means "significant other" aka boyfriend / girlfriend.

On topic - my husband knows about my interests, but I don't post obs about him or other family members / friends as it would feel awkward for me.

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