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Any bisexuals who experience a Bi-Cycle?


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I posted recently about how I recently realized that I was bisexual. I've been browsing through the bisexual subreddit and I've noticed a lot of people talking about a "bi-cycle" where their attraction between genders tends to shift back and forth over the course of days-weeks-months-years. 

I only recently discovered my bisexuality at age 25, and when I accepted myself I noticed my attraction to men shooting up (I had never really noticed men much before) and my attraction to women going down (but has now returned to normal levels again). In terms of my sneeze fetish however, I've stayed consistently attracted to both male and female sneezes my whole life. 

I was wondering-- any other bisexuals out there who experience a similar bi-cycle as described above? And does the gender of the people you prefer sneezing change with it?

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I definitely have a bi-cycle (probably related to hormones, in my case). And, yes: when I’m super into women, I’m also more into women sneezing than I am into men sneezing, even though I usually prefer men’s sneezes.

(Obviously, this is very basic and binary, whereas gender and gender presentation are not, but it works for the purpose of answering the question.)

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My story is pretty similar in terms of realizing I was bi recently in my 20s. In fact, I believe I have past posts on this very forum saying "I'm straight, but I appreciate male and female sneezing."

Once I figured out that I was also attracted to women, I did start noticing them more, out in the world. This is the first time I've explicitly heard of the "bi-cycle", but now that I think about it, I do notice/think about women more at some times than others. I experience the cycle fetish-wise as well, with the caveat that I'm more likely to be attracted to female sneezing a priori. That is, if you categorized sneezes on a spectrum from "masculine" to "feminine", irrespective of the person sneezing, I'd prefer the feminine side of the spectrum just because of the particular traits that get labelled as feminine; in turn, the sneezes with those traits are more likely to come from women.

In other words, I'm more picky about male sneezes, and pretty much always have been. I used to think that it was because I was attracted to men and not women in other ways, but now that I know that's not true, I guess it's just a quirk of my preferences. It might be related to the fact that I have more of a physical type for men than for women; I'll see if my perception changes as I get more experience with conscious, eyes-wide-open attraction to women, but right now I'm finding myself attracted to a more varied range of women than men in general, same as with the fetish.

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I’m bi, but am primarily attracted to men. I am always into guys, and I can see random men walking down the street and be attracted to them. That doesn’t usually happen with women. I typically will only become sexually attracted to a woman if I already know her and develop romantic feelings for her first. When that happens I usually enjoy that specific woman’s sneezes, but as a rule I don’t like female sneezes. 

I don’t think I have a bi-cycle. It’s more that I sometimes meet women who I develop feelings for. But even when there is a woman I like, I will still find myself attracted to men.


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While I'm always attracted to women, there are brief spells (normally only lasting an hour or so, really) when I'm really attracted to men and seek out male content. But I'm never really interested in men in the sense that I'd want to date them or pursue a relationship with them; my attraction to men never goes beyond aesthetic/sexual attraction whereas I'm attracted to women in every way. So I guess that's a bi-cycle? I'm not too sure.

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I experienced something like this when I thought I was bi! As it turns out I'm just a lesbian who subconsciously found it easier to stomach the idea of getting busy with men at some times than at others. Go figure! :lol:

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I thought I was just weird because I also go through phases of enjoying opposite gender content yet I wouldn’t consider myself bi? I don’t understand myself 😂

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I'm primarily into female sneezing, but there's definitely some male sneezes that I find quite good.

I don't know what that makes me, as I tend to try to avoid labels. Straight, Bi, etc...

I find it much easier to just enjoy what I enjoy, and just go with it

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I don't have what we would call cycles fetishwise, but in my bisexuality, yes there are stronger moment I find someone attractive and I believe it's due to hormones as well

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It's such an interesting question (and I am very glad you found your bisexuality!). I would say for me that there have certainly been variations, but not exactly cycles. I discovered it in my early twenties, very suddenly but after a long period of minimizing. Suddenly I was sleeping with this guy, and it was rapturous, and when I remember it I don't think I looked up from what we were doing for long enough to think about anyone else. And then there was kind of a back-away phase, when that relationship ended and I tried to go back to something like my previous life as a self-identifying straight guy. And then of course that didn't last, and there was a period of getting with a LOT of dudes. I never stopped loving women, but sex with men was so exciting and new and available. Gradually there got to be this pattern where sometimes I'd have something monogamous with a woman, and other times I'd be more casual with guys. Now I've been in an LTR with a wonderful man, so all of this has changed. I've definitely been with a lot more men than women at this point, but I strongly feel that I'm fully attracted to both, and that that has never not been true. This is just kinda how life has worked out. The same is true with sneezes. When a cute person sneezes, or blesses me when I sneeze, that's always gonna do it for me.

But even if my preferences don't really change, I do notice some variations in the roles I want to play. My subby and diva-ish sides have almost always seemed to work better with guys, with one or two lovely exceptions.

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For me, it's slightly different; I float in between being Bi and pan. (in accordance to the definitions that I'm familiar with) 

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I had no idea this was a thing but yaaaa I think I have a huge bi - cycle that is really dependent on my monthly hormonal cycle. Super interesting concept.

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