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Stop Lying (Seventeen, KPOP, Jun)


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8 hours ago, MeForever said:

I’m so bad at writing with the korean age order

No, don’t worry, you did fine! The only mistake I think you made was “Dino-ah” when it should be “Dino-yah.” When a name ends in a vowel, it’s yah, not ah. But other than that, I think you got it right!

Honestly, I’m a pretty casual fan of Seventeen, but this makes me want to stan them more. Also, even though I’m super casual, I’ve seen a reasonable amount Jun things (partially because he’s my bias and partially because of some interactions with my Pentagon bias Yanan on that Chinese show they were (are?) both on). So I do actually love Jun a lot and I love this fic and I’m definitely coming back here when I fully stan SVT.

I ship the China line a lot as well as just love their friendship, so I was super happy to see that here, especially them speaking in Chinese to each other to have a more private conversation.

8 hours ago, MeForever said:

“He’ichh! He’Ticchew!” He stumbled back and tripped over his own feet, falling back and hurting his backbone.

You know, I’ve seen and written the “sneezes in dance practice, falls, and sometimes hurts himself” trope many times before, and I’m pretty I’m never going to stop having a first reaction of intense worry and pity for a second even if, obviously, they’ll be fine lol.

I like the way you wrote his sneezes! It’s pretty accurate to IRL and the frequency is a nice balance at often but not overdone.

8 hours ago, MeForever said:

“Let’s get you home. 

I’m so soft for endings like this, seriously. In fact, I actually know I’ve done similar ending lines lol. It’s such a sweet, cute type of ending line? It’s so simple but I always love it.

Also, I love how everyone immediately catches onto Jun being sick in the beginning lol like within 15 minutes of waking up he has half the group suspicious already.

8 hours ago, MeForever said:

His nose was tickling, still or again, he didn’t quite know.

I love this.

8 hours ago, MeForever said:

soft, slightly oversized hoodie

I’m always here for sickies wearing soft hoodies that are a bit too big for them tbh.

Overall, I really enjoyed this fic!! Thanks for sharing! :heart: 

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Ahhh I started freaking out when I saw the title of this! I’m so glad that there are fellow Carats on this forum! This story was so cute... you captured the members’ personalities really well! Jun seems just like the type who wouldn’t want anyone to worry about him no matter how sick he’s feeling, so I can definitely imagine a situation like this happening in real life behind the cameras ☺️

Thank you for uploading! ❤️

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