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Teacher with a cold (f, m, self obs)


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So, I'm a teacher and a nasty cold has been going around the school for the last couple of weeks. One of my coworkers caught it early on and would sneeze large, spraying singles, totally uncovered because he's weird like that. The contagion whore in me was totally loving it, but I was simultaneously grossed out at the same time because I totally do not see him like that. 

I, naturally, caught it a couple days ago. I was helping my sick students log in to their computers and I must have gotten infected at some point during that, despite my liberal use of hand sanitzers and hand washing. It started out with a sore throat and this random, burning itch in my nose. I've mostly been sneezing singles in this cold, harsh ones that leave me no time to cover my mouth. I have done some vampire elbow sneezes to try not to infect others, but a lot of my sneezes have caught me off guard. They kind of hurt too, and take a lot of energy with how strong they are. My nose quickly moved to congestion over runniness and it has been so dry that I'm worried I will get a nosebleed with all of my blowing. I also developed a cough late yesterday that's congested and chesty. I crashed after work yesterday and slept 16 hours, so I felt a lot better today, though I still took it easy. Hopefully I will be over this by Monday, but I worry that the cough will linger as it always does with my crappy lungs. 

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this obs!

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this sounds exactly like the cold that was circling around campus at my school! I caught it too, it was horrible I'm feeling better now thank god lol 

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