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A cure for the mental block?

Scarlet Fury

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I had an idea today. The kind of idea that terrifies me and makes my stomach crawl. But I think it could work.

Why do I have a mental block? What scares me so much about sneezing in public? A better question: Who am I most afraid to sneeze in front of?

Answer: My family

I figured, if I could get myself to reliably sneeze in front of my parents (or at least allow them to hear a sneeze from another room) I could finally conquer my fear. See, my parents have this tendency to yell out a blessing from across the house. As if it wasn't already embarrassing enough. If I can deal with that, I think I can sneeze in front of normal people someday.

So I tried it today. My sister was asleep in her room, dad was still at work, mom was cooking dinner. While in my own room, I used a blade of grass I picked up earlier. I had several false starts (sort of- maybe I stifled them and just couldn't tell, I don't even know). Finally I got one, a soft "h-tchiew!" No response. Okay, so it went unheard. But she COULD have heard it. I'll call it progress.

So, could this work? Or have I lost my mind?

(I have no idea if this is in the right spot.)

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hello @Scarlet Fury first - bless you 😊

no, you haven't lost your mind - you are looking for a solution to overcome your mental block and one day you feel comfortable enough to sneeze in front of others / in public.

I think your idea is good and maybe you need a second try? Probably your mother didn't hear your sneeze, if you said it was rather quiet. 

What else I could suggest to you: for example you could also tell your mother, father or sister, 'today I had to sneeze more than ususal at work / at school, maybe I catch a cold / perhaps it's an allergy (in case of you have been diagnosed with allergies) etc? and then you wait and see how they react.

If their reactions are like you imagined and they ask you about your sneezes or even bless you, you could try it again to induce a sneeze. If you feel uncomfortable about your family seeing your facial expression before sneezing, you could turn away, or you try to induce in another room first.

Or you induce a sneeze while you are talking on the phone to your family? So you can be sure they will notice it but they are not too close to you? I hope it could help you.

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Don't worry, you haven't lost your mind. I have somewhat of a mental block and I've been trying to get rid of it sort of in your way. Only I've induced a few times while skyping with some friends. It has helped for me, so I hope it works for you! Good luck!

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Its brave of you to try this and no doubt its a good thing. I wish you luck with it.

I find that the longer you leave it before you sneeze in front of someone, the more likely it is to attract an unwanted comment like 'Oh I've never seen you sneeze before' And you then feel obliged to provide some sort of explanation (Eek!!)

I think people become unconsciously aware of the habits of those that they either live with, or see on a regular basis. 

Once it gets to a year or more, I find it gets very difficult to break the habit.

Regrettably i've got to that stage with many of my friends and family!!

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