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Choir retreat sneezes (all male)


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So this past Saturday I was at an all day choir retreat where we basically had to learn all our music for the semester. Two of the basses were pretty sneezy and it was quite nice to see and hear.

One of my friends (he is perpetually stuffy from either allergies or a cold. His girlfriend jokes about how she always carries tissues with her because he usually needs them. How cute is that???) was suffering from allergies, as usual, and had to get up to blow his nose quite a few times, especially during our breathing exercises. Then, in the middle of one of our songs, he got this really sneezy look on his face. I could tell he was really trying to get it out and that he was frustrated from just sitting there hitching. I wish I could have heard it but I was half distracted by the fact that I was having to sing as well. He finally sneezed once, it was kind of muffled into his sweatshirt sleeve (I can't really spell it unfortunately...) and then he did it AGAIN after hitching a little longer. It was awesome. He was sniffly the rest of the day obviously, but those were the only two sneezes I got to witness.

The other bass had shown up over an hour late and we had had to call him and his roommate multiple times to get ahold of one of them. When he finally did show up he wasn't looking too hot. At first I assumed he was hungover because, you know, it's college and the frats had opened up the night before for the first time this semester. (I don't know this guy very well but he's my "partner" that I have to listen for across the choir while I'm singing so we often make awkward eye contact, so I know what he looks like normally, and he was looking pretty terrible.) But he left to blow his nose and came back with some tissues that he put under his chair, and then all of the sudden he curls down into his elbow and sneezes three times, lifts his head up for a second, and then ducks back into his arm for two more sneezes. At this point I can't help but offer an emphatic "bless you" because I really like to bless people :blush:
I can only assume, based on his tardiness, congestion, coughing, and sneezing that he is sick. Or maybe he has really bad allergies? I don't care which, I just hope that he is still experiencing it at rehearsal this afternoon because it's wonderful to witness. (He's pretty decent looking, too. He's got kind of a hipster vibe which I'm normally not into but he reminds me of Dr. Spencer Reid a bit because he can really rock a cardigan and glasses....)

Man this was long sorry y'all 😅

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