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Well... Here I go ☺


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Hi all. I'm Kimberly. I'm a 30-something woman who is way out of her comfort zone right now... lol So, I'm married with kids and just always pushed this fetish away because I honestly, thought I was the only one... about 2 weeks ago I ran across some vids on YouTube and ended up finding the forum. I'm probably in over my head here, but it's so nice knowing I'm "not alone" in this. Anyway thats about all I have for now. Looking forwardto getting to know all of you.

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Welcome Kimberly! 

Your origin story sounds like a lot of people on here. Just take it at your own pace and you’ll do well. I hope you have a good time on here. 

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4 hours ago, Kimberly said:

I'm a 30-something woman who is way out of her comfort zone right now.

Welcome to your NEW comfort zone!

I'm sure you will soon settle in.


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Welcome to the forum, Kimberly! :) When I first joined here, I had no idea how much of the fetish applied to me and my own tastes/ experiences, but by being here, and getting to know other people's views and experiences I learned a lot about myself and met some great people! I hope you'll have a great time here exploring the fetish and the side of you you've been pushing away!

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Welcome Kimberley. As others have said, take this completely at your own pace. I can completely relate to your situation as I'm married and dad to twins, and long, long ago I thought I was the only one too, until I found the community (this was before even this forum...lol, I'm an old-timer). The most important thing is that this doesn't have to be your comfort zone immediately, just relax and find your own way around, there are a lot of us who have been there!

With my staff hat on, if you have any questions or problems, PLEASE don't be afraid to contact the staff, that's what we're here for!

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Thank you all so much. I've read so many of the obs and stories and now I really kinda want to write some. I haven't written a story for fun in a really long time, maybe I'll write some this evening before bed 😉

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